Assisting Agencies

Simplified influencer identification, trend spotting and online media monitoring.

Better Insights, Better Creative.

Creative agencies constantly need to deliver campaigns and content that will resonate with and impact consumers. Social media listening is a powerful tool that addresses the challenges of their work and empowers improved, insight-driven creative work. Olytico’s offerings serve agencies at all stages of the creative process from pitch work to post campaign evaluations.


Improve Your Pitch: At the earliest stage, agencies approach Olytico to help them to understand the flavour of conversation around certain brands or topics. Our insights give the competitive edge at pitch stage and form a cornerstone of strategic planning to win you the business and succeed.


Live Insights: Later in the creative process, agencies benefit from the Olytico Dashboard in understanding and engaging with consumers in real time. View immediate insights to see what’s gaining traction and what’s causing concern so you can act on it.


Save Time: We know time is of the essence in the fast-paced digital marketing space, so all relevant, online content is displayed in one central dashboard, keeping effort at a minimum, and your clients’ ROI at a maximum.


Better Than a Focus Group: For agencies working with brands launching new products or services, or entering new markets, Olytico delivers a service akin to a focus group but without ever asking a single question. Olytico uses complex algorithms to scour social media for relevant conversations and to deliver actionable insights through tailored reports.

See how Olytico can improve your agency's pitch, campaigns and ongoing client support through Social Media Listening.


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