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How Do Your Customers Really Feel?

Understanding how your target audience feels about your brand is a challenge. Traditional methods, such as focus groups, are not always the best option. Asking people predefined questions in a prearranged location amongst a group of strangers undoubtedly leads to a bias in responses. Recognising this problem, Olytico conducts focus groups without ever asking a single question. Instead, we listen to organic, online comments and posts on social media. By analysing these conversations, we help our clients understand how their customers really feel.


Case 1: Before launching a new product into a new market, a client used Olytico to identify and highlight a list of online influencers. They then partnered with these key people to make their new product launch a success.


Case 2: Another client used Olytico’s social media listening capabilities for specific customer satisfaction research, related to billing methods. Through use of Olytico’s simple tools, they discovered that automated billing was affecting their customers negatively – especially when sent around key holiday times. Using this insight, they changed their automated billing systems resulting in happier customers.


Olytico clients use our social media listening solutions to help connect more effectively. We help your team manage customer communications, spot pain points at a glance and stay on top of feedback before it becomes an issue – even when customers aren’t directly conversing with you. On top of that, we help you capitalise on emerging trends ahead of competitors and identify influential people within your existing and target audiences to ensure your brand is always at the head of the pack.


What we can show you is going to let you make positive, informed changes to your business, and even more importantly, you can watch the results live too.


Want to understand how your audience really feels? Our team can demonstrate how social media listening can impact your business.


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