Government Bodies

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Managing Online Expectations and Responsibilities

Government organisations and state agencies are often challenged with meeting significant online expectations with limited resources. Social Media is a powerful channel to connect with the public on a larger scale and in a more efficient way. It’s also a very noisy space and consumers do not necessarily always go direct to an official twitter handle, page or website. It can be an almost overwhelming task for national institutions to stay on top of all relevant online conversations, often spread across countless social media channels and to respond to needs, issues, public feeling and feedback accordingly.


Olytico’s social media monitoring and analysis cuts out digital noise and enables organisations to quickly identify the conversations that matter.


Manage Communications: Olytico offers the ability to speedily respond to issues and queries, something that is paramount to leading government bodies that partner with us. Olytico’s real time dashboard acts as a one-stop shop for social media and offers automated email alerts direct to team inboxes, helping this state agency to decipher key online mentions, and engage in a well-managed and timely manner.


Assess Public Campaigns: Other state agencies we work with need to understand how public awareness campaigns have been received by consumers and how much cut through occurred. Olytico’s retrospective reports play a key part in helping organisations to understand the volume of online conversations, the key influencers involved and if the campaigns successfully stimulated online debate and education.

Find out how Olytico can help the government body or state agency that you're a part of, identify and respond to the online conversations that matter.


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