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Journalists and media organisations have ever greater access to data, and social media is no exception. However, knowing where to start analysing, and how to find accurate, timely insights can be a challenge.


Over the years, journalists and media organisations across the world have partnered with Olytico to research and analyse how topics and events are discussed online. Olytico’s social media and online news research not only give media outlets a unique angle and a competitive edge, it means their information is credibly supported through data.


Unique Insights: In 2015, Olytico collaborated with freelance journalist Andy McGeady to create an insightful report on the conversation that was taking place online around concussion and how online publications were focusing on the subject at key periods of the year. (


Identifying Trends: Media personnel frequently make use of Olytico as part of their research processes and to identify existing and emerging trends. In addition to social media conversations, Olytico helps media clients to navigate the noise created through the increasing volume of online news media publications, by delivering accurate, timely and filtered reports based on access to over 250,000 news-producing sources. Results are presented in a format tailored to each client and in a variety of timeframes – daily, weekly, monthly, annually or as a one-off report for a snapshot analysis of a specific theme or topic. The service is fully retrospective with the ability to assess coverage dating back 36 months.

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