Bespoke social media analysis packed with insight.

Be in the know on what’s relevant from your dedicated social media analyst.

Get ahead of the trend with real-time alerts

Take advantage of what your audience is saying about you in real time.

Create a bigger buzz with our Social Wall

Bring your event or reception area to life by encouraging your customers to share their love for your brand. 

Get the word on the street

Olytico helps you get the word on the street via your follower’s posts, pics and tweets. Here’s how we can help:

Retrospective reporting

Our dedicated analyst will deliver reports dripping with insight, in person.

  • Covers your brand along with competitors
  • Relevant content only – filtered by your dedicated analyst
  • Data presented in person to allow for broader understanding

Unlimited listening and alerts

Enjoy a live feed of all your brand and competitor mentions

  • Unlimited mentions for one flat fee
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • We’ll manage your keyword and setup needs
  • Support only a phone call away.

Social Wall

Create more of a buzz with our live
social wall.

  • Ideal focal point in your reception area
  • Perfect for one-off events
  • Generate more buzz from your audience
  • Boost hype and engagement with your brand
  • Fully managed and monitored

More services

Influencer identification

People are powerful. We’ll help you easily identify influencers who’ll create the most engagement and revenue your brand.


Online media monitoring

Review relevant news articles on companies, events, products, competitors and markets with filtered reports from over 250,000 online sources.

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What we’ll do for you

We’re keen listeners, keen analysts and we’re focused on results. We cut through the chaos to mine the most relevant information for your brand.
It means you’ll have all you need to know in real-time, or through retrospective reports. And it gives you the ability to shape an online reputation that’s positive, engaging and trusted.

Frequently asked questions

We analyse publicly available tweets, comments, posts, photos, videos that feature on dozens of social networks. Get in touch to see which networks we can cover for you.

Our real-time dashboard provides your unlimited keywords, mentions and users for a one-off fee.

Because we’re simply the best listeners in Ireland. We offer you a trusted unlimited service, that’s tailored to your needs. And is delivered by own personal analyst.

We tailor our prices to your needs and offer a free trial to get you started.

Our reports are tailored for each client which means the length of time required to create them can vary. However, typically a report will take around 2-3 weeks to be created. We also have a rapid response service if you need information urgently.

We have access to over a decade of historical data. We can produce comprehensive retrospective reports about your brand or competitors and broader industry topics.


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