10 Major Irish Twitter Trends (July 2nd- July 8th)

What is trending on Twitter this week in Ireland?

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This week several topics are trending on Twitter in Ireland. These include:


1. Croatia

4,762 Irish Tweets (of 852,968 globally)

Croatia will be facing England in the World Cup semi-finals after defeating Russia 4-3 in penalty kicks. This will be Croatia’s first semi-finals appearance since 1998 after defeating Germany in the quarter finals. Soccer fans tweeted their excitement over the game.




2. #SWSD2018

2,743 Irish Tweets (of 8,831)

Dublin hosted the Social Work, Education and Social Development Conference from July 4th to July 7th. Over 2,500 delegates from around the world came together to discuss social work and social development practice, policy research and education under the theme, “Environmental and Community Sustainability: Human Solutions in Evolving Societies”.





3. #Wimbledon

1,536 Irish Tweets (of 453,934 globally)

Wimbledon began Monday, July 2nd and will conclude July 15th. The famous tennis tournament includes tennis players from around the world competing for the championship title. Fans took their support and enthusiasm to Twitter.





4. Dundalk

1,396 Irish Tweets

Dundalk won twice in 24 hours. Following Friday night’s victory over St. Patrick’s Athletic, Dundalk went four points clear at the top of the League of Ireland Premier Division. Dundalk also won against Glentoran in a friendly at Oriel Park. Dundalk FC fans took their excitement to Twitter.




5. #DenisOBrien

1, 387 Irish Tweets

RTE released The Story So Far, a documentary about business man Denis O’Brien. The documentary looks into his childhood growing up in Dublin to his early ventures in business. People took their thoughts on the documentary to Twitter.




6. #DDFIrishOpen

1,170 Irish Tweets (of 6,181 globally)

Scotland’s Russel Knox won the 2018 Dubai Duty Free Irish Open at Ballyliffin Golf Club. The tournament, hosted by the Rory Foundation, included some of the biggest stars of world golf. Golf fans took their excitement for the tournament to Twitter.





7. #HeatWave2018

1,052 Irish Tweets (45, 897 globally)

For the third week in a row, the heat wave is a large topic of discussion on Twitter. After three weeks of elevated temperatures and drought like conditions, people are expressing their desire for rain and cooler weather.




8. IrelandUNSC

761 Irish Tweets (of 3,973 globally)

Ireland has formally launched a bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council, hoping to secure a two-year term in 2021. If Ireland can secure a seat it will be the fourth time Ireland has been represented on the council. Ireland faces competition from Norway and Canada in what has been described as the “group of death”.





9. #LayaCitySpec

454 Irish Tweets

Laya Healthcare’s City Spectacular took place July 6-8th in Dublin. The festival included over 300 shows, workshops and activities for people to enjoy. People shared their excitement and snaps of the festival on Twitter.




10. #ListenNowAgain

448 Irish Tweets

The National Library of Ireland opened the exhibition: Seamus Heaney: Listen Now Again at the new Bank of Ireland Cultural and Heritage Centre on July 6th. The exhibition will run for three years and will feature Heaney’s original manuscripts, letters, unpublished works, diary entries, photographs, note books and multi-media recordings.






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