10 Major Twitter Trends (October 15th-21st)

What’s trending on Twitter this week in Ireland?

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This week several topics are trending on Twitter in Ireland. These include:


1. Peter Casey

8,213 Irish Tweets (of 15,024 globally)

Presidential candidate Peter Casey was faced with controversy this past week due to comments he made about the Irish Traveller community.  Casey was subjected to harsh criticism due to his comments which people found deeply offensive. In a statement he released, Casey apologized and mentioned how he considered withdrawing from the race. People shared their thoughts and opinions about Casey’s remarks on Twitter.


2. #CBlive

6,982 Irish Tweets (of 12,815 globally)

Claire Byrne Live hosted the first live debate of the presidential election on October 15th.  In attendance were presidential candidates Peter Casey, Gavin Duffy, Joan Freeman, and Liadh Ni Riada. Missing from the debate were incumbent President Michael D. Higgins and candidate Sean Gallagher. People took to Twitter to share their opinions about the debate and joke about where the two missing candidates were.


3. Saudi Arabia

4,707 Irish Tweets (of 2,128,711 globally)

Following the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, an investigation has been conducted to determine what events led to his death. Khashoggi was last seen entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey on October 2nd. On Friday the consulate admitted to the public that Khashoggi was killed in a fight inside of the consulate following their previous statement they released saying he left unharmed. Both Turkish and Saudi officials blame a “rogue operation” for Khashoggi’s death.


4. #NWED

2,714 Irish Tweets

National Women’s Enterprise Day took place this year on October 18thNWED is a campaign run by the Local Enterprise Offices to inspire and assist the women of Ireland in starting and operating their own business. Across counties in Ireland, events with workshops and guest speakers took place. Women took to Twitter to share their NWED favourite moments.


5. #20×20

2,489 Irish Tweets (of 5,332 gloabally)

20×20 is a movement across Ireland to show representation of women within sports. Female representation within the sports community is important for the younger generations due to the lack of female role models today. This movement focuses on achieving a 20% increase in media coverage of women in sport; female participation and attendance at women’s events. Athletes and women took to Twitter to support this movement.


6. #Legisl8

1,290 Tweets

The second stage debate on the abortion legislation was concluded in the Dail on October 18th. Supporters of the referendum are asking for their TD’s to say no to waiting periods, no to refusals by healthcare professionals and yes to patient focused legislation. On Tuesday, October 23rd the legislation will be voted on by TD’s before it moves to the Committee stage.  People shared their opinions and thoughts of the legislation on Twitter.


7. Katie Taylor

876 Irish Tweets (of 5,080 globally)

Ireland’s professional female boxer and lightweight world champion, Katie Taylor won her fight against Cindy Serrano this past weekend in Boston.  Taylor’s win against Serrano marked her eleventh win a as professional boxer. In attendance was Ireland’s professional MMA star, Conor McGregor. Fans took to Twitter to discuss the fight.


8. #mathsweek

787 Irish Tweets (of 1,607 globally)

Ireland’s mathematic celebration, Maths Week, began on October 13th and concluded on October 21st.  During this celebration, organisations such as universities, museums, and technological institutes united to share their common vision of making math and STEM fields accessible for everyone. In this year’s celebration of Maths Week, 372,773 people registered to participate. These participants took to Twitter to share their experiences.



9. #Octocon

489 Irish Tweets

The National Irish Science Fiction Convention, Octocon, took place this past weekend to celebrate fan favourites within the science fiction genre. Octocon 2018 marked the conventions 26th year. At this year’s convention the guests of honour consisted of Pat Cadigan and Colleen Doran. Attendees of the convention shared their experiences on Twitter.


10. #CervicalCheck

392 Tweets

Controversy surrounds Cervical Check following Vicky Phelan’s court case. Phelan took Cervical Check to court due to their negligence in communicating to her that the results from her smear test were inaccurate and not releasing her revised results. Phelan is one of 162 women to be diagnosed with cervical cancer following their original test reports being false and their revised results not being conveyed to them. On Twitter support is being shown for these women.


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