10 Major Twitter Trends (October 1st- 7th)

What’s trending on Twitter this week in Ireland?

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This week several topics are trending on Twitter in Ireland. These include:


1.  #UFC229

17,175 Irish Tweets ( of 2,078,763 globally)

Chaos ensued following the UFC 229 fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor. Following McGregor’s tap out, Khabib jumped out of the octagon into McGregor’s team. At the same time, men from Khabib’s team entered the octagon and attacked McGregor. Both fighters were then escorted out of the stadium and the winner of the match was announced inside the empty octagon. Viewers took to Twitter to share their opinions of the post-match fight.


2. #RaiseTheRoof

12,310 Irish Tweets (of 23,079 globally)

#RaiseTheRoof has been trending on Twitter for weeks now in response to Ireland’s housing crisis. On Wednesday, October 3rd, people took to the city’s streets to protest. Outside of Leinster House, supporters rallied for the cause. Among the protesters were student unions demanding affordable accommodation for students. For those who couldn’t make it, protesters kept Twitter updated throughout the march.


3. #Blas2018

2,323 Irish Tweets

Blas na hEireann, The Irish Food Awards, celebrated their eleventh year of recognising the best Irish food and drink. In the 2018 competition, over 2,500 products were entered in to compete for awards in over 100 categories. Bakers and bakeries shared their awards on Twitter.


4. #Budget2019

2,123 Irish Tweets

As budget negotiations begin to wind down, Ireland’s 2019 budget is estimated to be about €3.4 billion with €2.6 billion already committed. The proposed budget could potentially cause a raise in petrol, diesel, cigarettes, and hotel VAT rates. According to a survey conducted by Taxback, 50% of respondents would like to see housing be a priority in the budget. People took to Twitter to share their opinions on the budget.


5. Krispy Kreme

2,111 Irish Tweets

Following the grand opening of the first ever Krispy Kreme in Ireland, residents living near by took to Twitter to discuss the absolute horror of the 24-hour drive thru. Residents stated that the noise from the drive thru kept them up throughout the night. Due to the complaints, Krispy Kreme was forced to shut down its 24-hour drive thru after its first week.



2,049 Irish Tweets

PRO14 Rugby referee Ben Whitehouse is under scrutiny after his inconsistent rulings during the Leinster versus Munster rugby match. Leinster won the match, but many fans believe it was due to the biased refereeing. Fans took to Twitter to share their anger and frustrations about the rulings.


7. #IMRO18

1,461 Irish Tweets

The 2018 IMRO Radio Awards recognized the best in Irish radio broadcasting on Friday, October 5th. Judges for the radio awards were experts in the radio industry and judged six main categories which contained sub categories as well. The main six categories were Music, News & Sport, Speech, General, People, and Stations. Those who attended the awards shared their experiences on Twitter.


8. #CPC18

1,446 Irish Tweets (of 291,250 globally)

Theresa May made quite the entrance to her conference speech by dancing on to the stage with the sound of ABBA’s Dancing Queen. Whether or not this was a well thought out deflection ploy, her odd entrance stole the spotlight and was all spectators were discussing in wake of the Brexit plan.


9. #HousingFocus

1,120 Irish Tweets

In counties across Ireland, efforts are being made to overcome the housing crisis. These counties are working to build new homes and social housing units. Along with construction, local authorities are enforcing accommodation regulations and renting standards. County councils are sharing their housing progress on Twitter.


10. #DTF18

607 Irish Tweets

Dublin Theatre Festival is still in full swing. Shows like The Misfits, NASSIM, ELIZA’s Adventures in the Uncanny Valley, and Everyone’s Fine with Virginia Woolf generated a lot of discussion in the opening week and festival attendees now look forward to shows like The M House and Richard III lined up this week. Fans of the festival took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the shows.


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