10 Major Twitter Trends (October 22nd-28th)

What’s trending on Twitter this week in Ireland?

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This week several topics are trending on Twitter in Ireland. These include:


1. #Halloween

5,593 Irish Tweets (of 866,695 globally)

People from all over Ireland began to celebrate Halloween this past weekend. The Halloween festivities included parades, costume parties, and themed events for all ages. People took to Twitter to share their Halloween costumes and their experiences.


2. #BlasphemyRef

3,953 Irish Tweets (of 8,837 globally)

Ireland voted to dismiss the blasphemy law from their Constitution.  The referendum followed comedian Stephen Fry’s comments about God during an RTE interview. After Fry made the comment, he was accused of breaking the blasphemy laws which resulted in an Irish police inquiry. After this, people called for this law to be removed from the Constitution. People took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the Blasphemy referendum and encourage voters to vote yes.


3. #Aras2018

3,784 Irish Tweets (of 6,783 globally)

The presidential race came to a close in Ireland with incumbent President Michael D. Higgins being re-elected. Voting began and ended on October 26th. People urged others to go out and vote on Twitter.


4. #DublinMarathon

3,516 Irish Tweets (of 8,228 globally)

The 2018 Dublin Marathon took place on Sunday, October 28th. The marathon started in the City Centre and finished there as well. Trackers were used during the marathon to monitor participants times. On Twitter people shared their experiences throughout the marathon.



5. #SocialMediaLive

2,019 Irish Tweets

Social Media Live was a one-day event that took place on October 25th.  During the event speakers from news and media outlets along with social influencers discussed the social media climate of today and what’s shaping its future. Speakers included Alfie Deyes, Malachy Browne and many more. Attendees shared the event on Twitter.


6. #SafeWorldSummit

1,380 Irish Tweets

The Safe World Summit was a two-day long conference from October 22nd to October 23rd that focused on diversity and inclusion. This event was hosted by Safe Ireland with the mission to create a safer world for women and children. Attendees shared their experiences at the event on Twitter.


7. John Reynolds

1,079 Irish Tweets (of 2,384 globally)

On Thursday evening, John Reynolds was found dead inside of his home at age 52. John Reynolds was a music promoter known for founding festivals and concerts such as Electric Picnic and Metropolis.  Reynolds will be missed greatly. Fans of his have taken to Twitter to share their final goodbyes.


8. #FOTE2018

1,049 Irish Tweets

The Food on The Edge conference took place this past week on October 22nd and October 23rd in Galway.  FOTE is a non-profit conference that focuses on the future and accessibility of food. During the conference around 50 chefs spoke about the different aspects of food and how to improve food on a global and local scale. Attendees of FOTE took to Twitter to share their experiences.


9. #RTERadio1FolkAwards

450 Irish Tweets

RTE Radio 1 hosted their first ever Folk Awards on October 25th. This event celebrated the folk music within Ireland. Nine awards were presented during the event along with live performances. Attendees took to Twitter to share the event.


10. #MacnasParade

347 Irish Tweets

The Macnas Halloween Parade took place in Galway on October 28th and in Dublin on October 29th.  The theme for the Macnas Parade this year was Out of the Wild Sky. The Macnas Parade in Dublin was a part of the Bram Stoker festival that took place over this past weekend.  Viewers took to Twitter to share their experiences during the parade.


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