Month: February 2010

Tiger Woods and Sponsorship – Three Months Later

It is clear from the analysis that three months after the story broke, the relationship between Tiger Woods and his sponsors, in the media, continues to evolve. He may not be on their website; he may not be wearing their logo; he may not feature in their advertising; he may not be carrying their name on his bag. Despite all this, his association with these companies continues to be reported in the media.

The Ryanair Story – How one airline is dictating its own online media agenda

It’s rare that a week passes when Ryanair do not feature prominently in the news. Over the last 12 months, what has Ryanair’s media presence been like, online? What are the key stories that the airline has promoted, and what gets reported? O’Leary Analytics has taken the coverage the low fares airline has received over the last year in the online media and picked out the key trends and topics.

Toyota Recall – The Best Built Cars In The World?

However, it was on 21st January 2010 the story took a turn for the worse for Toyota. They announced a second recall – this time to deal with the problem of a “sticky” accelerator pedals. This recall included 2.3 million vehicles sold in the US, 1.8 million vehicles in Europe and 75,000 in China. Five days later Toyota announced they were suspending sales for selected vehicles.