A Nation of Chocoholics – Social Listening reflects our love of Easter eggs

Ireland is a country obsessed with chocolate at the best of times but Easter sees our nation of chocoholics reach unparalleled levels buying almost 17 million Easter eggs.

Here at Olytico HQ, we like our Easter eggs as much as the next person, but what we really love is trying to understand how the nation talks about things online – in this case, one of our favourite pastimes, eating chocolate!

As part of our social listening, we analysed over 4,000 social media mentions. In our analysis, we discovered a number of interesting insights including the emergence of sugar free Easter eggs, clever use of social media by retailers to sell more Easter eggs and which brands were most talked about over the Easter period. Let’s take a closer look at what Social Media Listening revealed.

Most talked about Easter egg brands and producer

If you have walked into any any of the major supermarket retailers over the last few months, you will appreciate the wide range of Easter eggs that exists. Online, the conversation around Easter eggs also reflected the wide selection of brands with mentions from Lindt Easter eggs ( 32 mentions) to Crème Eggs (160 mentions) and from Galaxy ( 57 mentions) to Oreo ( 19 mentions). The most popular brand mentioned online was Crème Eggs (160 mentions) while Cadbury’s was the most mentioned producer (with 368 mentions).

One of the main conversation drivers for Cadbury’s was their partnership with the Barnardos Easter Egg Trail – A fundraiser which was actively supported by RTE 2Fm and celebrities like Pippa O’Connor.


Easter eggs – the healthier options

When we think of Easter eggs, chocolate is the first ingredient that springs to mind. ‘Milk chocolate’ dominates as the egg of choice with over 150 mentions, followed by ‘white chocolate’ with 40 mentions and ‘dark chocolate’ with 25 mentions. Interestingly there were a number of online conversations on alterative choices for Easter eggs, with a special emphasis on healthier options  like Sugar free Easter eggs and Paleo Easter eggs


The Easter egg timeline  

Not surprisingly, Easter Sunday was the day when people spoke most actively about Easter eggs online with more than 870 individual mentions.


However, conversations mentioning Easter eggs began way back in January – before Saint Patrick’s Day and even before Valentine’s Day!


Easter Eggs and Retailers

From our research, Tesco and Lidl were the top referenced retailers in online conversations on Easter eggs in the run up to Easter.

For Lidl it was their quick thinking and clever wit that captured the online audience’s attention and lead to some interesting topics of conversations. Examples include theirAprils Fools Day Easter egg and the One Direction Easter egg. While Tesco’s partnership with Cadburys and Barnardos resulted in conversation around their in store Easter egg trails.



Giving eggs as gifts to loved ones at Easter is not a recent tradition, according to some sources it dates back to the 13th century. Based on Ireland’s social media conversations and the volume of Easter eggs we consume each year in Ireland, it’s safe to say that this tradition will be around for long time to come.

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