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News / 19.01.24

Best-in-Class Social Listening – Hubspot

At the beginning of January Alex Lieberman, co-founder of Morning Brew, shared a post on X asking any Fortune 500 company to buy him and 8 friends 50-yard-line seats at the US College Football match that weekend, in return they would wear whatever the company wanted them to.

Alex tagged several companies into the post, with suggestions of what they could wear to represent the brand.

However, it was a brand not mentioned in Alex’s post that jumped on the opportunity within a matter of hours – Hubspot. Dressing Alex and his friends in Hubspot’s signature orange colour, with the company spelled out across their chests, Hubspot not only bought them seats at the game, but also created a competition for others.

Alex posted advising if you saw an “orange smurf” in the crowd to take a picture and post it on social, tagging Hubspot and using #hubspotted. The first 50 people to do so would win $50, with one randomly selected person winning $500.

Fans both at the match and at home got involved, praising the competition.

While it was Hubspot’s speed and ingenuity that brought the campaign to life, Alex was the ideal partner for it. With over half a million followers across X, LinkedIn & TikTok, he started building buzz ahead of the big reveal so that when the day came, the hype was there and the viral gameday content fell into place.

As a result of the campaign, by mid-January Hubspot had already generated almost as many mentions as they did on social media throughout the entirety of December, as well as over a million brand impressions, thanks to some creativity and best-in-class social media listening.

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