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News / 19.01.24

Monzo’s Year in Review

Each year, various tech companies roll out wrapped-style reviews of consumer habits including Spotify and Tinder – however it was UK bank Monzo who stole the show in 2023.

Monzo’s Year in Review revealed what customers spent the most on, their favourite places to eat and shop, and how they compared to other customers.

Ahead of exposing customers’ spending habits, the brand leveraged social listening to build excitement by turning commentary into engaging content.

A week before Christmas, Monzo unveiled the annual review and incorporated broader, location-specific insights into their activations around the UK.

Customers flocked to social media to share their results, with the conversation taking centre stage across the networks on December 18th.

The prominence of brands in the imagery and insights was also key to driving engagement and amplifying the reach of content.

The hashtag #yearinmonzo has generated over 18.6M views on TikTok to date.

@itvnews Which Brits prefer #Greggs over Maccies? #ITVNews #McDonalds #wrapped #Monzo #Leicester #London #Newcastle #Sunderland ♬ original sound – itvnews

Monzo also seized the opportunity to build connections with customers and celebrate the achievements of employees in bringing Year in Monzo to life.

The brand posted behind-the-scenes style videos from the office asking employees for predictions on where their money went.

@monzo What’s your Year in Monzo going to say? Embrassing answers only 😅 #YearInMonzo #Monzo #OfficeTok @Vinted @Sainsbury’s @Deliveroo @Greggs @Uber Eats @JOE & THE JUICE ♬ original sound – Monzo

The brand also created a number of blog posts delving into how they created Year in Monzo as told by the data and engineering teams who worked on it.

Monzo then shared links to the blogs on LinkedIn, cleverly elongating the tail of the content and championing the achievements of their team.

While Monzo’s positioning was crucial to the success of the review, there is no denying it generated huge traction on social media and a wealth of valuable insights for other brands to take from it.

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