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News / 20.05.24

Social Listening Generates New Flavour Ideas for Prime

Chances are, if you’re active on social media or have kids under 16, you’re familiar with Prime Hydration and its creators, KSI & Logan Paul.

But what you may not know, is how the brand uses social listening to further their product development, as consumers frequently comment on Prime’s content with sugestions of new flavours they want to see brought out.

One video shared on TikTok, in which Logan Paul shared the story of a Prime fan who ran a marathon while wearing a Prime suit received 250 replies suggesting and requesting different flavour ideas:

• “Can you guys make black cherry prime”
• “U should make a prime with watermelon ✨🍉”
• “Day 1 of asking you to make a strawberry lemonade flavour”

They listened.

During March, Prime launched their new Strawberry Banana flavour which they claim has been their “#1 requested flavour”.


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A post shared by PRIME (@drinkprime)

Once launched the excitement was huge as fans searched for the new product in stores, documenting their searches on social media.

@khoslaa TASTE TEST AT THE END. Finding the new PRIME at American Candy Stores in Londonnnn #prime #drinkprime #strawberrybananaprime #ksi #sidemen ♬ original sound – Shivani Khosla

Outside of the energy drinks industry, Olytico have noted many other examples of brands using social listening to develop products or services which consumers have asked for. Examples include:

  • Irish apparel brand GymPlusCoffee introduced a fleece style for taller wearers, as it was one of their most requested product changes.


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A post shared by Gym+Coffee (@gympluscoffee)

  • Using the same format, British Airways announced the resumption of flights from Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur and Gatwick to Bangkok, using consumer comments to create a simple announcement reel on Instagram.


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A post shared by British Airways (@british_airways)

  • Williams F1 saw a post on X from a Logan Sargeant fan who had flown into Melbourne specifically to see their favourite driver race, and offered them the opportunity to come into the garage and meet him when it transpired that he wouldn’t be on track that weekend.
  • Two years after a consumer queried if it was possible to receive an email notification when a specific pair of runners was available, Nike randomly gifted them a pair, leading to highly positive praise for the brand.

These examples all generated huge positivity towards the brands, got people talking, and showcased the wide ranging benefits of social listening.

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