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News / 28.03.24

The Launch of Threads in Ireland

When Threads was first released in July users initially joined in their masses, breaking records as it became the fastest-growing app ever; with 100 million users signing up in the first week according to The Guardian . And while it was still a distant runner-up to X in terms of numbers – their most recently reported figures stating approximately 365 million monthly global users – Threads garnered attention.

However, it’s rapid growth wasn’t to last, as user numbers steadily began to decline, falling by up to 80% in the first few months post-release according to The Independent.

Five months after its initial launch, Meta’s microblogging service, Threads, finally made its way to Europe in December.

Since the European launch, Threads’ total user count has remained relatively steady with approximately 160 million global users, with Meta reporting that people spend an average of 3 minutes a day on the app, compared to an average of 31 minutes per X user.

But what do people in Ireland think of the platform?

While country specific user numbers haven’t been released, conversation about the new network has been relatively low over the past few months, with less than 2,000 Irish mentions of the platform shared on social media. Discussion that has taken place has showed mixed opinions, with people sharing both pros and cons for the site.

Threads being a safer, kinder, space than X has been frequently referenced: “It’s great craic in fairness and nice, friendly interactions without the usual personal attacks and name calling.”

However, this has led to many claiming that “Threads is a safe space, echo chamber. You won’t have to worry about people with opinions.”

Strong criticism of the high level of prominent advertising has also been shared: “A platform heavily leveraged by advertising… Give me X any day of the week”.

However, many users are keeping a foot tentatively in the door, intrigued to see where Meta and social media go, with the latest addition to the gang, now firmly established worldwide: “I’m excited to see the competition between Meta and X in the EU market. It will be interesting to see how these two innovative companies push each other to new heights.”

Looks like the jury’s out for Irish users – we’ll watch this space!

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