The Brian Cowen Interview: The Global Media Response

That the Taoiseach could be unaware of an incendiary tweet from a member of the opposition front bench indicates that Fainna Fáil does not monitor social media. Had the Taoiseach been aware of Deputy Coveney and others online comments about his early morning interview, he would surely have been prepared for questions from journalists as to whether he was drunk or hungover.

UK General Election 2010 – Online Media Coverage of the parties and their leaders

For the first time at a British election, the three main party leaders are engaging in a series of three televised debates, modelled on the debates held in U.S. Presidential elections. How much of an effect are these much publicised, and much talked about debates having on the media coverage for Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats and their leaders? How are the media, in the UK, and across the globe, covering the various parties? And which leader is winning the battle for the headlines?