How social listening helped Sheridans Cheesemongers reach 500,000 people

Less than a month has passed since Conor McGregor’s tweet declaring his retirement.

The tweet, and the ongoing aftermath – has been well documented.

165,000 retweets. 145,000 likes. Headlines in news publications across the world.


Major brands and organisations, sponsors, other fighters, media and journalists benefited from the opportunity to have their say. Everyone, it seemed, had an opinion.

Amid all of the talking, all of the opinions, the articles and interviews, we spotted a brand that didn’t talk – but instead listened.

Sheridans Cheesemongers are well known in Irish food circles. The queues outside the door of their Dublin shop on South Anne Street are a testament to the loyal customer base they have built.

When McGregor tweeted about Cheese, Sheridans listened.
McGregor said thank you, Sheridans said You’re Welcome.

People like being listened to, so it was little surprise when McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh tweeted his appreciation

Kavangh’s tweet was shared 684 times. Olytico analysed the collective follower numbers of these accounts and found this single tweet alone had the potential to reach over 530,000 accounts.

At Olytico, we’re big believers in listening. It’s at the core of everything we do. We see on a daily basis the success our clients achieve by listening. These clients include some of the biggest brands in Ireland and the world.

McGregor’s tweet was only 13 words in length. Sheridan’s success came from listening to what was said, and delivering a thoughtful response.

Find out how Olytico can help you listen to the conversations that matter most.

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