Love/Hate Season 5 premiere – Twitter analysis

NidgeLove/Hate’s Nidge (Image courtesy of RTÉ)

Last night saw the return of the highly anticipated RTÉ crime drama Love/Hate. The opening episode of the fifth season certainly set the tone for what viewers can expect for the series ahead. However, the action was not just confined to the television screen – as viewers tuned in to watch the show live on RTÉ, they also took to Twitter and other social networks to share their thoughts on the return of Nidge and Fran.

Dual screening, or the second screen, is becoming ever present with many TV shows taking advantage of the evolving nature of television consumption. Although no official hashtag appeared on screen at the start of the episode, #LoveHate was one of the most commonly used hashtags on the night.

At Olytico, we monitored and analysed #LoveHate between 8pm and Midnight to capture the build up, broadcast and reaction to the first episode of Season 5.


Key numbers (8pm-midnight October 5th 2014)


  • Over, 8,500 tweets published using #LoveHate

  • Over 5,500 individual accounts used #LoveHate

  • Over 14.1 million potential impressions of #LoveHate tweets


Word Cloud 

Olytico analysed the 8,500 tweets to identify the Top 100 words used by fans on Twitter last night (the larger the word, the more often it appeared).

LoveHate Episode 1.1

What got people talking during Episode 1 of Love/Hate? There’s little surprise Nidge was the most talked-about character, but some of the other stand out topics on Twitter included:

Nits/Lice (Boring Kearney)

260+ retweets, 350+ Favourites and over 340,000 potential impressions –  this gem from @boringkearney was the most popular #LoveHate tweet last night.


Gone but not forgotten – plenty of people were happy to see Darren’s killer bite the bullet.


RTE Player

The RTÉ player provided the opportunity for those without a television to watch the first episode live. Just before the broadcast the RTÉ Player tweeted with a link directing viewers to the site. This tweet was both retweeted and favourited over one hundred times.

Getting it right

Eircom, as the sponsor of the programme, benefited from having their sting play at the start and end of each ad break. Indeed, given the popularity of Love/Hate, and the viewing figures, advertising spots during the breaks will have been at a premium.

Online, a similar story is beginning to unfold. Brands are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of timing on social networks, and the opportunities that exist if you plan to be involved in the most topical of conversations. On this count, the clear winner during Love/Hate was Aer Lingus.

The Aer Lingus account has a significant following of almost 75,000 on Twitter. With over 130 retweets and 170 favourites (as of 10am this morning), the potential impressions for this tweet alone jumped to over 192,000.


Few programmes in Ireland match Love/Hate in terms of buzz, and if the opening episode of Season 5 is a barometer of things to come, expect to see conversations increase as the weeks go by.

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