Olytico Internship: A Reflection by Jenna Leahy

The Cliffs of Moher

Jenna Leahy is a Junior at SUNY Oswego in Oswego, New York. She interned at Olytico for summer 2019, as part of the CAPA study abroad programme.

I grew up in Staten Island, New York, a popular little borough next to New York City. I am extremely grateful to live so close to one of the greatest cities, but I’ve always had a desire to explore more of the world. I’ve always been an independent person and have dreamt of just packing my things and traveling wherever I wanted.

Throughout college I’ve had close friends who have studied abroad say, “if you get the chance to do it, take it, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.” So, in early May, I was randomly searching through the CAPA programs that SUNY Oswego offered and stumbled upon the Dublin, Ireland summer program. The application for the program was due that night and I impulsively applied. Applying last minute probably wasn’t the best idea, but I thought to myself this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland so why not.

With this being the summer going into my senior year I also knew I wanted to have an internship. Fortunately, with the help of CAPA I would be able to travel and have an internship at the same time. I remember getting the email from CAPA that I would be setting up an interview with Patricia from Olytico. The interview went well and for the rest of the day I nervously waited until I got an email saying I got the internship. As a public relations major I was excited to get to experience an internship related to my field and to explore Dublin at the same time.

After all the preparation and packing, the day had finally come that I was in Dublin. My excitement was overwhelming, and I couldn’t wait for this journey. My first day at Olytico started a week after being in Dublin. I was still unsure of the buses and nervous that I would be late to my first day but somehow wound up getting there a half hour early. So, I walked around Fitzwilliam Square a bunch of times until it was time to go in (the key word is AROUND because I realized after trying to push/pull the door open a bunch of times that it was a private park). Finally, I walked up to the door and nervously rang the bell at 34 Fitzwilliam Square South and was happily greeted by Patricia. As soon as I stepped into the office, I received a warm welcome from everyone and introduced myself while trying to act like I wasn’t out of breath from the three flights of stairs.

Across from my desk was Marco and Stephen :)

By the end of my first week my nerves started to disappear, and I looked forward to working with such amazing people. Working in the office has been nothing but growth, support, and teamwork. From my time here at Olytico I’ve learned how to use Union Metrics, analyse social wall competitors, and create weekly Twitter Trend blogs. I’ve grown not only professionally, but also personally since working at Olytico. I’ve also become quite good at picking out the perfect ice cream flavors for everyone in the office.

Next to my desk was Gary, Aoife, and Patricia :)


As my time here at Olytico comes to an end, I cannot thank everyone enough for making this an incredible experience. I could have only hoped for an innovative, helpful, and fun team to be a part of and Olytico exceeded those expectations.

To everyone in the office, thank you so much for having me and welcoming me into the team! I will really miss getting to work with you guys and looking forward to the next time I can visit.

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