Olytico Internship: A Reflection by SaraJane Renfroe

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This summer, I traveled to Dublin, Ireland to spend five weeks studying and interning under the CAPA international program. I am an Anthropology and Philosophy double-major with a minor in Environmental Studies at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. When I applied for the program I was interested in an internship in Journalism or Human Rights, specifically in Ireland because of my love for travel and Ireland’s reputation as a friendly, welcoming, and beautiful country.




When CAPA first placed me with Olytico, though, I was a bit taken aback; I’m not a techie by any means and the internship appeared to be more for a computer science or communications major. I was hesitant to accept, but after talking to past interns and my CAPA supervisors, I decided to give it a try; regardless, an internship in Ireland would be extremely valuable.



Olytico blew my expectations out of the water. The first day of the internship I, and my fellow Olytico intern Hania, felt welcomed into the company’s small, homey office overlooking a park and beautiful old office buildings. Stephen and Lorcan joked with us and spent nearly the entire day  showing us the ropes and making us feel comfortable. Quickly they gave us more and more responsibilities with Olytico’s social media platforms and data analysis for clients; it was unlike any of the other internships my fellow CAPA students were talking about or even any I’d heard about at home. I was able to use the unique freedom to develop my ability to use social media as a data analysis tool and to simply listen and learn from the brilliant minds around me; Stephen nearly always invited me to participate in meetings or listen in on lessons with the technology or other company aspects.


Our class at Griffith College assigned us, the CAPA interns, to map out exactly what we are gaining from our internships. Not only will I take away transferable skills with technology and social media analysis and a priceless contribution to my resume, but I’ve gained an incredible learning experience. Interning with Olytico has made me understand the enormous power of social media as a source of information and a tool for change. Furthermore, interning in a high cultural context foreign country has been a lesson in changing my own perspective and questioning ingrained habits; it’s shaken the way I’ve worked, studied, and socialized and made me reevaluate my future. This entire venture has been more than I could’ve possibly expected or hoped for… I could not have had a more incredible and transformative summer experience.


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