Olytico Internship Reflection

Imagine this:

Every morning you waltz into the office, and there they are, smiling and already working hard in the wee hours of the morning. They are so happy to see you. The sun is shining through the glass windows and the birds welcome you with a soft chirp. The energy in the office is positive and powerful. Irwin makes the team a pot of coffee and you all begin a relaxing day of analyzing social content. 



This is what working as an intern at Olytico is like, and it is coming to an end for me. What a shame. I don’t want to leave. They will have to drag me out.

These past eight weeks I’ve learned all kinds of information. I can now write blogs fluently using Olytico’s tone of voice, I can use software to analyze social content and most importantly I can understand Irish humour.

One of the implicit values I’ve gained from working at Olytico is cultural intelligence. I now understand Irish culture and can work effectively within an Irish company without feeling like an outsider. Every week I wrote a blog about the Top Irish Twitter trends that week. Do you know how hard it is to write about topics you’ve never heard of that use jargon you’ve never seen before?

It’s very hard. However, with the team’s help in explaining the meaning behind phrases such as “acting the bollocks,” I was able to understand the culture and write intelligently about it.


I worked a lot with Excel sheets also, but not in a bad way, in a good way. When conducting research for clients the team enlightened me with their magical way of doing things: automation. You see, here at Olytico we don’t do things the long way. Our handy-dandy engineer Irwin designs tools for everything, I mean everything! He’s always there when you need him.

All of that aside, the most memorable part of the internship has been working alongside this five-star team. Once quiet hours are over, the team comes alive. While passionately working on our tasks, we discuss important office topics such as future upgrades to the snack bar or how much energy is required to power a toaster.

Patricia, Shona and Megan are the best girl co-workers I’ve ever had. Even though I don’t always understand the complex topics they talk about, they always make me laugh as they’re ‘great craic’. Then there’s the tech boys, Irwin and Matt, they are always up to something. They’ve got their own code language so I have no idea what they’re talking about most of the time. Stephen runs a tight ship, but manages to keep it fun. He’s the one who teaches me the most, especially about life. Lastly there’s Lorcan. What a great lad, his hen party was the highlight of the quarter. What makes this team so special is that everybody shares the same wittiness yet determined attitude that makes it such a joy to work here.

To all of my co-workers, thank you for having me. I will really miss vacation I’ve spent here at Olytico. See you soon.

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