#Olytico Trends Weekly Review of Social Media Analysis 10.4.15

Men Send More Politically Tagged Tweets

“Over the past month, BBC Trending found that 75% of tweets containing such hashtags came from men, compared to just 25% by women.”

Social analysis by BBC Trending found that over the past month, 75% of all tweets containing political hashtags came from men. The article explores the startling gender split and the absence of women in political conversations.

Why do fewer women tweet political party hashtags? (The Guardian)

Atlanta Braves use Social Media to Interact with Fans

“The Braves analyze social media sentiment in real time; engage with fans at every home game via the MLB.com Ballpark app; and gather feedback data from multiple channels…”

Erin Sheehan discusses how technology increases its role in the fan experience every year for the Atlanta Braves, and how they create meaningful conversations with fans in real-time.

How The Atlanta Braves Engage Fans (Forbes)

#Ferguson Used Differently on Twitter and Instagram

“In a new analysis of the #Ferguson hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, Pew Research Center has found some striking differences between the two social media platforms in how people use the hashtag and direct the conversation.”

When posting about the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri last August, the use of the hashtag #Ferguson on Twitter was used mainly to discuss Brown, the ensuing protests and the response of the government. In contrast, the hashtag has been used on Instagram as a way for people to discuss or reference race issues, police brutality and politics.

From Twitter to Instagram, a different #Ferguson conversation (Pew Research Center)

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