#OlyticoTrends Weekly Review of Social Media Analysis

Each week, the team at Olytico select some of the best examples of social media monitoring and analysis from across the globe.

Uber Drives Prices Up

“New Year’s Eve was a great night for many Uber drivers as rates surged. CNNMoney took a snapshot of rates and monitored social media to see what riders in other cities were experiencing.”

CNNMoney used social media monitoring to track how Uber prices surge during one of the busiest night’s for cab companies: New Year’s Eve. A taxi ride rose to 6 to 9 times the normal rate throughout the night. During the peak hours of 12:30 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. Uber’s spike in demand saw a 180% increase. Prices were up 500% in some cities.

Despite the surge, drivers were still upset by the “slight” increase.

 Uber prices surge on New Year’s Eve (CNNMoney)

And the award goes to… Patron Tequila

Patrón’s real-time social media team monitored the event to create tweets from the @Patron handle to respond to the awards show”

Patron Tequila’s #Remixology campaign really sparked during the Grammy award show on February 8th, 2015 due to the live feeds that their Social monitoring team sent out. By including comments that congratulated Sam Smith on wining artist of the year and complementing Ed Sheeran on a job well done, Patron engaged 20,000 times with twitter users. Listening to the top social buzz and the year’s top hits certainly pays off.


The 2015 GRAMMYs Awards Branding, From Microsoft to Target and More


A Picture speaks 1000 words… How does one listen?

“In social media, sentiment analysis is more complicated because many people express themselves using images and videos, which are more difficult for a computer to understand.”

Adobe Research and University of Rochester, professor Jiebo Lou break ground on developing software that can detect sentiment from an image. Though, this software is in the early stages this is a huge benchmark in the social monitoring and listening industry for often image sentiment detection is left for a human being to complete. This development will open a can full of opportunities in the social monitoring industry.

A picture is worth 1000 words, but how many emotions? (Science Daily)

Put first let me take a selfie…. At Edinburgh Castle.

“Tourist attraction site AttractionTix analysed social media to find mentions of travel hotspots alongside the world “selfie”, and have compiled a list of the most popular places to pose for a self-taken snap.”

AttractionTix conducted a social media analysis in which they discovered where the most popular places to take a selfie around the world are located. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France claimed the number 1 spot, Disney World in Orlando, Florida came second, while the world’s tallest building, the Burji Khalifa in Dubai was ranked third.

Where will you take your next selfie?

In pictures: Edinburgh Castle among world’s top 40 selfie spots(Scotland Now)


#Savor, Snap, Share

“This campaign is inspired by 2014 Accor Hotels Asia Pacific Social Media Monitor where survey findings revealed that 77% of travellers took photos during their last trip.”

Accor Hotel pilots an interesting campaign after conducting social media analysis of travellers. Through social media monitoring Accor Hotel was able to identify that 77 % of travellers take photos while on their trip away. It was from identifying this trend that Accor developed a form of word of mouth with their “food-fies” campaign, which encourages Accor Hotel guests to share photos of themselves enjoying Accor’s delicious and exquisite meal through using the #savor,snap,share. Don’t forget to say, “Cheese” when you bon appetite!



Accor Hotels launches “Savour, Snap, Share” social media campaign across Asia (Travel and Tour World)











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