#OlyticoTrends Weekly Review of Social Media Analysis 27.2.15

Football For a Fiver

Each week, the team at Olytico select some of the best examples of social media monitoring and analysis from across the globe.


“As of Tuesday morning, social media analytics suggested that the #FootballForAFiver tag had been seen in the timelines of more than 615,000 Twitter users and made nearly two million total impressions.”

Following on from their success last season, Charlton Athletic once again saw their #FootballForAFiver campaign trend on Twitter this week. The hashtag gained nearly 2 million impressions, and has been used in over 3,300 tweets in the past week. The online activity has led to a sell-out game this weekend, and the club will be hoping for more success on the pitch on Saturday.

Charlton fans start UK Twitter trend with #FootballForAFiver promotion (Norwich Advertiser)

From one platform to another – UK rail users vent their frustration

“Recent social media analysis reveals that there were 280,960 tweets at the rail providers that included the words, ‘stuck’, ‘late’ or ‘delay’ last year.”

Recent research by the European Commission revealed that rail passengers in Britain are among the most satisfied in the whole of Europe.  However, social media tells a very different story. In the UK alone, rail passengers in London sent a total of 1,778,090 tweets directed at the 14 rail providers last year. Through social media listening, UK Rail providers could gain key insights into their passengers’ experiences – there were nearly 80,000 tweets sent about London rail cancellations last year alone.

Tweets tell tales But Rail Survey says Brits ‘Most Satisfied’ in Europe (Sputnik)

Time to Get Personal

“There are three important areas that companies should be focusing on in order to properly leverage hyper personalisation, including Social Listening: actively listening and understanding your customer on social media”

In Australia, B and T Magazine report that Hyper Personalisation, “the use of data to provide more personalized and targeted products, services, and content” is the go to strategy for all future marketers. Companies, such as Netflix and iTunes, are already utilizing the strategy to make key business decisions and increase profits. iTunes reported a 50% increase in purchases from consumers who received custom recommendations based on their personalised online data.

Is Hyper Personalisation the Future For Marketers?

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