#OlyticoTrends Weekly Review of Social Media Analysis

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Each week, the team at Olytico select some of the best examples of social media monitoring and analysis from across the globe. This week we look at urban planning, a photo album that travelled 500 miles and how Adidas used social media listening to win at the World Cup.

Plotting an Urban Landscape

“Social media and the city: when accumulated and geo-localised, social media can be used by big data analysts in practical ways, such as improved urban planning and public sentiment analysis.”

Urban planning is now a real-time pursuit thanks to social listening, according to an article in The Irish Times. After analysing millions of tweets in Manhattan, Madrid and London, computer science researchers, Enrique and Vanessa Frías-Martínez, from Telefonica Research and the University of Maryland discovered how social listening can help with urban planning. Their research suggests using geolocalised tweets for planning cities and determining optimum land use.

Even the Most Mundane Online Social Commentary Can Have a Purpose (Irish Times)


Photo Album Travels the Country

“An amazing photo album, containing pictures dating back more than 100 years, is on its way to Kansas City, Missouri, after social media helped track down its rightful owners.

After traveling 500 miles from Memphis, Tennessee to Kansas City, Missouri, a family photo album has been returned to its original holders. The album was left at a store in Memphis in 2008 and picked up by an employee who hoped to find who it belonged to. With help from people on social media all over the U.S., four generations of memories have been restored.

Social media helps locate lost photo album’s family (FOX5 Vegas – KVVU)


“From a Monologue to Dialogue”

“Every day, we measured the retweets of our messages, measured Facebook posts, through scanning thousands, and hundreds of thousands, of messages, getting consolidated feedback through social media sensing.”

Adidas, CIO, Jan Brecht credits social media tracking to Adidas winning the “World Cup of Marketing” during the 2014 World Cup. Through having a team analyze the conversations revolving around the World Cup and then engaging in these conversations, Adidas was able to obtain a 22% higher engagement rate compared to any other sports company during the competition.

Adidas CIO plays to win at digital marketing (PC World)


Banking Industry tunes into Social Media Listening

“Insight into financial decisions gathered through social listening.”

In her article for Edelman, Juila Sahin identifies social listening as one of the top five communication trends in the financial industry in 2015. Banks and financial institutions are turning to social media monitoring to gain insight on where consumers are going for financial information and what is driving their investment decisions.

Five Communications Trends in the Financial Services Industry (Edelman)

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