#OlyticoTrends Weekly Review of Social Media Analysis 6.3.15

Social Media as a new platform for Psychology Research

“Researchers are developing new methods of language analysis, and how social media can be leveraged to study personality, mental and physical health, and cross-cultural differences.”

A study using open-vocabulary analysis found distinct variations in language with personality, gender, and age. For example, men used the possessive ‘my’ when mentioning their significant other more often than women did.  The research also points out that a collaboration between psychology and computer analysts is necessary to produce insight.

Finding Psychological Insights Through Social Media (Science Daily)

 America loves its Food Porn

“After analyzing more than 30 million posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to discover what makes up the ultimate American meal, the National Pork Board (NPB) found that it may not be as traditionally ‘American’ as many might think.”

Want to know the trick to preparing the ultimate American Meal? Add pork. When Americans shared posts via #FoodPorn, pork proved to be the clear favorite with over 41% of pork posts including the hashtag. The top flavours shared on social media associated with pork are hot and spicy.

Pulled pork - photo credit Sarah-Rose (flickr)
Pulled pork – photo credit Sarah-Rose (flickr)

American Food Trends ‘Heat Up’ Via Social Food Sharing (Food Manufacturing)

A Tweet is Worth More Than a 140 Characters…

“By analyzing Twitter chatter, studios also have the opportunity to see whether their marketing campaigns have the right message — and whether those should be altered to increase interest.”

A study by Networked Insights revealed a single tweet can add $560 to a film’s opening weekend at the box office. Tweets decline as time inches closer to a movie’s release date, mainly because of diminishing marketing materials like new posters and trailers. This social listening study reveals studios should create more original content leading up to a film’s release.

How Much is a Tweet Worth to Studios? (Variety)

The correlation between customer’s comments on social media and retail revenues

“This is powerful stuff. By monitoring social media retailers can pre-empt issues that may negatively impact turnover in the future.”

Stuart Bennie references Krystina Gustafson‘s article for CNBC,  on social media being used to predict revenue trends. Gustafson had reported on a study undertaken by Networked Insights, which monitors social conversations and determines customer satisfaction. They found a close correlation between customer’s comments on social media and retail revenues. The study was conducted over a 15 month period and involved more than 500,000 entries.

The hidden power of social media (Inside Retail)

Boston’s Ears Perk Up During Daily Commute

“Managing the MBTA’s Twitter account used to take about 25 percent of Battiston’s workday. But since late January, she has spent close to 85 percent of her time monitoring and responding to tweets.

It’s constant. The tweets never stop,” Battiston said. “Twitter takes up the big bulk of our day right now. Our followers know we’re listening, so they’ve become way more vocal.”

Boston’s MBTA utilizes social media monitoring and listening as way to improve T riders daily commute. Lisa Battison is the MBTA’s Public & Operations Information Officer  and  the voice behind the MBTA’s twitter account. Through monitoring and responding to commuters’ various tweets, Battiston has been able to identify and resolve problems with the T. As well as improve the overall commuter experience. In light of last week’s post…. London’s railway should take note.

The Hardest Job in Boston: Managing the MBTA Twitter Account (boston.com)

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