#OlyticoTrends Weekly Review of Social Media Analysis

Each week, the team at Olytico select some of the best examples of social media monitoring and analysis from across the globe.


Star Crossed…  Starbucks Lovers

“Here is an example of a smart retailer that used social listening to identify a trend around how its customers are using its business”

With #starbuckswedding trending on social media, the coffee chain will host “The World’s Largest Starbucks Date” on February 13th, 2015. During this event special product pairings will be offered and singles from Match.com will have a chance to meet other singles.


Looks like cupid is not the only one holding his arrows this Valentine’s Day.

The Marketing Genius Behind #StarbucksWeddings (Inc.com)



“Last year, Smirnoff did extensive work attempting to better understand the Canadian consumer. This ranged from focus groups to social listening…”

Smirnoff launches a new and more down to earth marketing campaign in Canada to reflect its “new generation” customer.  In their #ThisIsHappening campaign, Smirnoff will be featured as an “invited guest” to casual friendly gettogethers rather than be featured in a flashy club.

It will be interesting to see if vodka will replace beer in the coolers.

Smirnoff comes down to earth (Strategy)

Internet’s Forecast… Sunshine and Positivity

“People share what makes them feel good… the monthly reports of Newswhip, a social media analytics service, back that up consistently”

It’s great to see Irish software company Newswhip reference by Caitlin Dewey in the Washington Post this week. Dewey reports that the Internet is full of positive and joyful tweets and posts. She notes that research suggests that the driving forces behind the positivity is largely due to the trend that “People share what makes them feel good → highly-shared stories become more visible in News Feed → more visible posts get more shares … on and on,..” In essence, positive posts have a strong correlation to increased visibility.

How will you spread your message?

To save the world/Internet, please start sharing content that makes you feel bad (Washington Post)

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