Online Sentiment Analysis – What Do You Mean?

When it comes to Social Media Monitoring and the ability to accurately track sentiment online, there are many schools of thought. Some software solutions like Radian6, Trackur and Kinship Digital suggest that social media sentiment can be assigned in an automated way. Others see manual allocation of sentiment as the only reliable solution. At Olytico, we have tried and tested a number of different solutions from automated software solutions right up to manually assigning sentiment but ultimately consumer’s online use of language very often makes analysing content accurately for sentiment extremely difficult, especially in a scalable manner. Not sure what we mean? Check out the short video on understanding sentiment that we recently created with the guys at Foil Arms and Hog to find out more.


As you can see from this video, assigning sentiment accurately really takes additional care and due diligence. With that in mind, at Olytico, we work very closely with our clients to create a hybrid approach in calculating sentiment. We take our best in class software solutions, overlay our media analyst’s industry experience to create a more accurate machine learning approach which intelligently refines the sentiment analysis for our clients over time. While analysing online sentiment might not always be the easiest, we are definitely excited to be able to offer this solution to our new and existing clients. If you would like to find out more about this, please just contact us or request a free demo.

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