#Scarlet4u: Is this the best Irish hashtag of 2015?

#Scarlet4u poster (photo credit @Clisare Twitter)
#Scarlet4u poster (photo credit @Clisare Twitter)

On St. Patrick’s Day 150 iconic buildings from Rio to Rome across the globe turn green in honour of our national day.

So how do we at Olytico mark the occasion? Social listening no less, but with a truly Irish twist. We’ve decided to turn our attention to one of the most Irish hashtags that has filled our Twitter feed this year: #Scarlet4u

The Campaign

Luas launched a new fare evader campaign last week with a uniquely Irish hashtag: #Scarlet4u and as the campaign went live, the tweets followed. The campaign is focused on getting people to think twice before they decide to dodge a fare on the tram service and face public embarrassment in doing so.

At Olytico, we are monitoring and analysing the #Scarlet4u hashtag and to date the campaign has generated plenty of chatter on Twitter:

Key Numbers:

Over 300 tweets published using the hashtag #Scarlet4u

Almost 250 unique Twitter accounts used the hashtag

Over 590,000 potential impressions of #Scarlet4u tweets

Estimated reach of over 440,000


Main Topics of Conversation:

The word cloud below shows the top 100 terms within the Twitter mentions analysed. The larger the word the greater the number of mentions – (note given its prominence #Scarlet4u has been removed).

Scarlet4u revised

Campaign Reviews

The campaign has been really well received on Twitter, with plenty of praise for its uniquely Irish (albeit very Dublin) hashtag. Words such as ‘amazing‘, ‘brilliant‘ ‘loving‘ and ‘great‘ were used to describe the campaign:

Irish Humour

Irish people deal with life with a distinct sense of humour, and Luas have decided that fare evaders should not be treated any differently. This innate sense of idiosyncratic Irish humour used by the Luas team is one of the main drivers of the reaction on Twitter, which is hugely positive in sentiment.



Luas left red faced?

As with all campaigns, the reaction wasn’t universally positive. Some passengers felt it wasn’t fare evaders that should be feeling embarrassed as break downs and disruptions saw many question whether in fact Luas themselves should be feeling the heat!




Red vs Green: The big divide

As the conversation continued, one clever passenger decided to declare the need for another hashtag campaign aimed at Southside Dublin humour, proposing #SeriouslyMorto4u.


So many hashtags grace our screens on a daily basis, but so few ‘get’ Irish humour as well as this Luas campaign. #Scarlet4u – is it the best uniquely ‘green’ hashtag of the year?

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