#ShowSomeHeart – Social Media Monitoring Analysis

Social Media can be a valuable tool in helping to build awareness for brand or charity campaigns. Over the last few weeks at Olytico HQ, we have taken a look at how the Irish Heart Foundation have helped to raise awareness of their #ShowSomeHeart campaign. The campaign aimed to encourage consumers to Show Some Heart and organise a tattoo fundraising event or to buy a temporary tattoo. As part of our analysis, we focused on how consumers engaged with the campaign Twitter and Instagram.


Twitter Analysis:
• The biggest spike in Twitter mentions was on the 14th of February and coincided with Valentine’s Day
• There were 411 unique contributors sharing 745 Tweets driving 6,989,232 potential impressions over the campaign on Twitter.
• Not surprisingly @Irishheart_ie was the most active publisher of content on Twitter during the period analysed, sharing 17 Tweets, accounting for 2.3% of total Tweets.
• Other active accounts in supporting the campaign hashtag included @TeamByrneMx (14 Tweets), @GoMarketingHub (12 Tweets) and @marti214greene (12 Tweets).
• In terms of potential impressions on Twitter, @RTE2fm (1,968,592), @NickyByrne (1,737,860), @Munsterrugby (668,127), @rte (504,726) and @Herdotie (226,110) were the accounts that helped to raise the most awareness.
• This data reflects the importance of proactive media partners in helping to raise awareness and to stimulate a wider conversation with an online audience. Indeed the top content ranked by number of retweets is dominated by media partners.


 Instagram Analysis:
• On Instagram, the #ShowSomeHeart campaign was driven by 2FM, its hosts (e.g. nickybyrneinsta) and other campaign partners including Munster Rugby.
• There were 168 unique contributors driving 976,032 potential impressions over the campaign on Instagram.
• Consumers also shared images and videos connected to the campaign; primarily showing off their tattoos. This reflects the value in brands creating initiatives that consumers are willing to share online and can help drive organic awareness for the campaign.


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