Social Walls, Amplifying Your Best Brand Experiences.

Social Walls are a great way to help make your brand or business more social.


  • They can showcase your current online conversations

  • Improve internal communications

  • With the correct placement, encourage more positive online conversations


At Olytico, our clients leverage Social Walls in two main ways:

1) Eventsa double digit growth opportunity
Creating a positive brand experience at a conference, product launch or brand event is never easy. Social Walls enable brands to enhance these experiences by showcasing the best reactions shared on Twitter, Instagram and other social networks from those at the venue. Our intuitive moderation system gives our clients the confidence that only the most relevant online content will be showcased at their event. With a clear call to action for attendees, one of our recent brand partners saw a significant double digit growth in social media mentions (versus their previous brand event) by leveraging a Social Wall at their event. This increase in social media engagement also ensured those who could not attend the event were exposed to the activation through online engagements.

2) Internal CommunicationsSpread the good news
For most businesses, having the time to share good news across the business from function to function is a luxury. As a result, teams in sales or logistics or finance often do not know what consumers think about their company or brands. To help address this, some of our clients have installed internal Social Walls. With a permanent social wall installation in office canteens or office reception areas, all staff members get the chance to learn about what consumers think and say about their brands online. Using this approach, we have seen significant increases in employee engagement in companies where the Olytico Social Walls are installed.

If you would like to trial a Social Wall in your office or as part of an upcoming event, just send an email to or fill out the contact form below and we can help make your brand more social.


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