#StartupWeekDub Social Media Analysis

At Olytico we love start-ups almost as much as we love social media monitoring so we’re delighted to share some analysis for the performance of #StartupWeekDub.

In its inaugural year, over a five-day period (19th-23rd November) Start-Up Week Dublin wanted to equip people with the know-how and confidence to start their own businesses. Driven by two charismatic leaders Gene Murphy and David Pollard it took the entrepreneurial scene in Dublin by storm creating 36,247,129 potential impressions on Twitter with 7,260 tweets using the official hashtag.

Key volume spikes for the period are shown below:

The weeks activities were strongly supported by Dublin City Council both online and offline – they accounted for 1,171,331 potential impressions and hosted the #StartupweekDub Base Camp in their Local Enterprise Offices (LEO) on Wood Quay. In addition to the two main organisers, other top authors based on Total Potential Impressions included:


When we looked more closely at potential Unique impressions on Twitter the number was 3,161,592. TechStars, a primary sponsor of Start-Up Week Dublin, was the number one handle by this metric accounting for 295,499 potential unique impressions.

From a content point of view, the word cloud below shows the top 100 words that featured in the online conversation connected to #StartupweekDub . Key people involved (e.g. David Pollard, Gene Murphy, Colin Keogh etc.), key themes (e.g. Diversity, The Future, Entrepreneurship etc.) and key partners (e.g. TechStars) all featured heavily in the online conversation.

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