Tayto ‘More than just a Crisp’ Pop-Up Shop – Twitter Analysis

Tayto Pop Up


On March 5th 2015, the doors opened to Dublin city’s latest gastronomic offering.

As part of their ‘More than just a Crisp’ campaign, Tayto Ireland launched a pop up shop.

The concept although simple, is delicious and undoubtedly has generated great interest both on and offline.


At Olytico, we monitored and analysed Twitter content published since the shop opened to identify the themes and topics that got people talking.

We looked at conversations on Twitter, specifically those using the hashtag associated with the shop (#TaytoPopUp).


Key Numbers:

Over 450 tweets published using the hashtag #TaytoPopUp.

Over 350 unique Twitter accounts used the hashtag.

Over 1.7 million potential impressions of #TaytoPopUp tweets


Main Topics of Conversation:

The word cloud below shows the top 100 terms within the Twitter mentions analysed (the larger the word the greater the number of mentions).

Tayto Themes


Anticipation & Excitement:

The pop up shop sparked the interest of many: from the nostalgic crisp sandwich lover, those who wanted to make their lunch time more exciting through to the genuinely curious.


Tayto Pop Up Reviews:

Dublin is seen as one of the top destinations for all things food and culinary related – suffice to say we like to eat and most certainly we talk about what we like to eat.

In online reviews of the #TaytoPopUp shop individuals used the words ‘delish’, ‘nostalgic’ and ‘nom’ to describe their culinary experiences:


Top Sandwich / Crisp Flavour:

The menu of the #TaytoPopUp offers patrons four flavours of sandwich to choose from – the Cheese and Onion Classic, the Salt and Vinegar Sarnie, the Smokey Bacon Butty and the Prawn Cocktail Treat.

But which flavour generated the most online conversation – the classic childhood staple Cheese and Onion or have we become much more cultured in our tastes and is Prawn Cocktail now the crisp filling or choice?

In online mentions ‘Cheese and Onion’ was mentioned most with ‘Smokey Bacon’ coming in as the second most popular sandwich choice.




Mr. Tayto mentions:

Mr. Tayto is synonymous with The Tayto brand as such it’s no wonder that online mentions made reference to the face of Tayto.

A number of customers were quick to grab selfies with the main crisp-man.


Store mentions:

The look and feel of the shop is a representation of all things Tayto, from the burlap sack couches and cushions styled like Tayto crisp bags to the walls adorned with portraits of Mr. Tayto.

The crisp’chic design too is a much talked-about topic online.


Dublin Simon Community mentions:

Individuals were aware of the partnership with Dublin’s Simon Community and were more than happy to see that half the cost of all sandwiches purchased are going to the charity.

Apart from mentions of the Dublin Simon Community Twitter handle, (@Dublin_Simon) in their tweets individuals also use the words ‘charity’, ’cause’ and ‘support’ when mentioning the charity partnership.


The #TaytoPopUp shop is opening its doors for the final time tomorrow, St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) which means there is just over 24 hours left to get your fill of the crisp-sandwich experience.

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