The Cat Laughs 2017: Twitter Health Check


To celebrate the fact that Olytico is partnering with The Cat Laughs comedy festival in Kilkenny this year we decided to give this year’s cats acts a Twitter health check.

We analysed the Twitter profiles of all the 2017 Cat Laughs’ acts and ranked them by followers and average weekly Twitter activity. We also looked at the last 200 tweets of the most influential acts to see if they would inform any startling insights into the psyche of our favourite comedians.

The Ranking


Our fair island is well represented on the Influential Act Chart. Four of the 10 most followed Cat Laughs’ acts are Irish comedians. The Scots and Americans are also well represented with two acts each in the Top 10, while both Australia and England have one representative in the influential act line-up.


Half of the most consistent festival tweeters are also Irish, with Irish journalist Úna Mullally topping the chart tweeting an average 221 times per week.



Irishman and Mock The Week host Dara O’Briain has the healthiest Twitter presence of the Irish and international acts in terms of influence and tweet frequency. With almost 2.5 million followers on Twitter, he is over 1.2 million followers ahead of the closest comedian Scotsman Kevin Bridges. Tweeting on average 71 times per week since he joined Twitter in June 2009, Dara takes his social commentary seriously.



The Most Engaged with Tweet

Of the Top 10 Most Followed Comedians, Aparna Nancherla’s tweet about a potential Presidential impeachment was engaged with the most. It received 17,393 likes and retweets.


What do the last 200 tweets of your favourite comedians look like?


We analysed the last 200 tweets of the most followed Cat Laughs’ comedians and this is what we found…


·         Dara O’Briain has the most love for a fellow comedian, he mentioned bestie Ed Byrne in 16% of his last 200 tweets.

·         Des Bishop has the most love for himself, retweeting 54 tweets he was mentioned in.

·         Aisling Bea is the most affectionate comedian on Twitter using “xx” kisses in 10% of her tweets.

·         Aparna Nancherla is the most thankful comedian, conveying her gratitude in 28% of her tweets.

·         Both Des Bishop and Adam Hills like to use Donald Trump as the butt of their jokes, mentioning him in 5% of their tweets.

·         TJ Miller promoted his tv show the most, mentioning Gorburger in 22% of his last 200 tweets


Olytico will crown The Cat Laughs Twitter King or Queen based on tweet engagement over the festival weekend. So if you want your favourite Cat Act crowned, now is the time to annoy engage with them on Twitter!


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