Top 10 Irish Twitter Trends (17-23 Oct 16)

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The Top 10 Twitter Trends in Ireland from last week (17th – 23rd October 2016) are summarised below.


1. #JobstownNotGuilty

The Jobstown Not Guilty movement took off after a teen boy was found guilty for false imprisonment of former tánaiste Joan Burton during a water charges protest in Jobstown two years ago. Demonstrators took to Dublin city centre on Saturday as part of an “impromptu” rally to defend the schoolboy and others charged with false imprisonment, violent disorder and criminal charge.


2. #upris4

Uprise is a startup festival that originated in Amsterdam and came to Dublin four festivals later on Thursday of last week. Start-ups, workshops, DJs, games and “mayhem,” were some of the things that the thousands of attendees had a chance to experience.


3. #Joanne

Lady Gaga’s 5th album, Joanne, was released last week and after listening it for the first time fans took to Twitter to admit that the album was even better than they had expected.


4. #RDIrl

Independent Broadcasters of Ireland hosted the Radio Days Ireland event last week where attendees learned about the future of broadcasting with radio industry leaders from around the country taking the stage as guest speakers in the two-day long conference.


5. #NWED

The Local Enterprise Office hosted a National Women’s Enterprise Day conference aimed at inspiring and supporting women nationwide in running their own business. The event took place Thursday on 7 different regional locations around the country.


6. #USGP

Lewis Hamilton took his 50th Formula One victory on Sunday at the United States Grand Prix. Taylor Swift performed the evening before at the event making for a 100,000 turnout in Austin, Texas.


7. #TrumpBookReport

Antonio French from St. Louis, who recently announced he is running for mayor, mocked Donald Trump’s responses to foreign policy questions during the third U.S. presidential debate by tweeting that they sounded like a “book report from a teenager who hasn’t read the book.” The tweet now has more than 15,000 retweets and more than 29,000 likes on Twitter from across the globe.


8. #Mathsweek2016

Maths Week Ireland led #MathsWeek2016 last week with the aim of promoting awareness, appreciation and understanding of maths through a wide variety of events and activities across the nation.



9. Peter O’Mahony & Anthony Foley

Munster captain Peter O’Mahony and director Rassie Erasmus spoke at a press conference last week for the first time after the death of former captain and head coach Anthony Foley. Content shared online reflected the shock and upset about Axel’s untimely death in what proved to be a very emotionally challenging period for the club and rugby fans throughout the country.


10. #ShineALight

Business leaders joined Focus Ireland’s sleep-out event Shine a Light Night Friday night in an effort to fundraise and “stand in solidarity,” with the homeless in Ireland.



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