Top 10 Irish Twitter Trends (December 4th – December 10th 2017)

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The Top 10 Twitter Trends in Ireland from last week (December 4th – December 10th) are summarised below.



1. Arlene Foster

Politician Arlene Foster is facing criticism for her recent statements on Northern Ireland’s stance in Brexit. Her statements gained multiple responses on Twitter.



PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation) was established in hopes of increasing effectiveness in addressing security challenges and strengthening defence cooperation within the EU. Ireland recently voted in favour of joining but some citizens disagreed on the decision as soon on Twitter.


3. Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan recently starred on Saturday Night Live, formerly known as ‘SNL’, with a skit about Aer Lingus. Critics were quick to break down her performance, but fans followed up with support on Twitter.

4. #BrexitDeal

Negotiations between the UK and EU about the Brexit deal have finally made enough progress to move to phase two of the UK’s withdrawal negotiations. Despite politian’s progress, people questioned developments on Twitter.

5. #TrinityOpenDay

On Saturday, December 9th Trinity invited visitors it’s Open Day. Open Day gives the opportunity for future prospective alumni to learn about Ireland’s leading university. People tweeted their departments and information in order to raise awareness and support.


 6. #LoveIrishResearch

The Irish Research Council’s mission is to enable and sustain a research community in Ireland by supporting excellent researchers in all disciplines. The council recently celebrated 15 years of research. Event goers tweeted in their support.


7. Irish Examiner

An acquisition deal is in process between the Irish Times and Irish Examiner. Once the deal is complete, the Irish Times will own all the publishing and media assets produced by the Cork-based company, Landmark Media Group. Tweets discussing the deal are shown below.


8. #DWTSIrl

Dancing with the Stars: Ireland returns for its second series on January 11th. This year’s contestants include TV presenter Marty Morrissey, Conor McGregor’s sister Erin McGregor, and entrepreneur Norah Casey. Fans tweeted their excitement.


9. #Sneachta         

The first major snowfall of the year has covered several areas of Ireland. Warnings have been issued by Met Eireann for several counties. The snow has given people opportunities for mesmerizing photography and fun which they showcased on Twitter.


10. Ballymun

A shooting took place in Ballymun, injuring one man in his 40s. This shooting comes days after a garda was shot attempting to enter a house in Ballymun. People tweeted words of encouragement at the garda concerned.



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