Top 10 Irish Twitter Trends (June 18th- 24th)

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The Top 10 Twitter Trends in Ireland from last week (June 18th – June 24th ) are summarised below.


1. #Pride

4,579 Irish tweets (of 980,773 globally)

Dublin is preparing for the 2018 Pride festival, scheduled to take place Saturday, June 30th. The parade is a celebration of the steps that have been taken in Ireland to defeat inequality and injustice faced by the LGBTQ+ community. People took to Twitter to show their support for the festival.






6,044 Irish tweets (of 25,648 globally)

The Irish rugby team defeated Australia in the three-game series this weekend, making it Ireland’s first series success in Australia since 1979. Despite the competitive Australian fans and controversial officiating, rugby fans took their excitement for Ireland’s win to Twitter.



3. #NoCountryForWomen

5,608 Irish tweets (of 10,007 globally)

RTE released a new documentary, No Country for Women, highlighting women’s collision with 100 years of discriminatory laws. The documentary included women activists Catherine Corless, Mary Robinson, Samantha Long and more. These women addressed the issues of Magdalene Laundries, the link between contraception and economic independence, the treatment of women in mental asylums, to name a few. The documentary received high praise on Twitter.



4. #Inspirefest

3,508 Irish tweets (of 8,481 globally)

Inspirefest, an annual conference uniting some of the brightest minds in international tech, science, and design, gathered in Dublin this weekend. The event included over 50 speakers from 20 countries. People took their reactions to the event to Twitter.




5. #UnfinishedFeminism

1,717 Irish tweets (of 3,045 globally)

The #UnfinishedFeminism movement trended on Twitter and focuses on empowering Irish women to stand up to the injustices they face. The conversation addressed a variety of issues including domestic abuse, under representation in the workplace, cost of childcare and more.



6. #MyCruinniu

2,388 Irish tweets (of 3,238 globally)

Cruinniú na nÓg celebrates young people’s creativity through art, performances, music, coding, and more. This weekend marked the first ever nationwide celebration. Excitement for the event was evident on Twitter.





7. #RoyalAscot / #RoyalAscot2018

1,435 Irish tweets (of 74,579 globally)

Jockey, Ryan Moore sealed a big-race double when he won the Diamond Jubilee stakes at Royal Ascot on Merchant Navy who was trained by Aidan O’Brien. Favorite Harry Angel, finishing in seventh, got off to a slow start after getting his leg stuck in the stalls. Viewers took their reactions to Twitter.





8. #Heatwave

1,530 Irish tweets (of 80,705 globally)

Ireland is expected to see temperatures as high as 30 degrees Celsius this week. This week could be the hottest June weather since 1976. People are taking their thoughts on the elevated temperatures to Twitter.




9. #10thdss

1,015 Irish tweets (of 1,856 globally)

The Centre for Disability Law and Policy hosted the 10th International Disability Law Summer School at NUI, Galway. The core focus was intersectionality in the areas of women issues, older persons and children with disabilities. People took their reactions to the event to Twitter.



10. #SummerSolstice

1,361 Irish tweets (of 152,777 globally)

Thursday, June 21st marked the 2018 Summer Solstice. People took to Twitter to share their snaps on the longest day of the year.





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