Top 10 Irish Twitter Trends (November 6th – November 12th 2017)

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The Top 10 Twitter Trends in Ireland from last week (November 6th – November 12th) are summarised below.


1. #ScienceWeek

Science Week is an event that is part of Science Foundation Ireland’s work. The event promotes science related discoveries within Ireland for today and the future. Attendee’s experiences can be seen on Twitter.



Ireland competed against Demark in a World Cup Qualifier on 11 November. Although the game ended in a draw, a match between Denmark and The Republic of Ireland is scheduled on the 14th November. Fans were seen expressing their support.


3. #DF17

Dreamforce is an event that brings together driven individuals for four intensive days of learning, inspiration, and equality. With over 2,700 sessions, Dreamforce invites professionals from every industry, role, and company size to attend. Attendees posted their feedback on Twitter.


4. David Moyes

West Ham United are preparing to appoint David Moyes as the new team manager. The decision has sparked varying opinions and some criticism on Twitter


5. John Halligan

TD John Halligan has come under fire for asking discriminatory questions during a job interview. The interviewee took action under the Employment Equality Act (1998) and Halligan has subsequently been ordered to pay compensation as well as any legal costs incurred to the woman involved. There were mixed reactions on Twitter.


6. Martin O’Neill

Martin O’Neill was forced to revise his team’s standard line up for Ireland’s match against Denmark due to various injuries on the team. With key players missing, fans voiced their opinions about the altered line up and the match’s results.


7. #LY17

The Labour Party’s, Labour Youth, is aimed at young people ages 16 to 30. The organisation recently held internal elections and people expressed their support for proceedings on Twitter.


8. Louis CK

Comedian Louis CK is being accused of sexual misconduct by five women. The actor denied allegations of any misconduct until he released a statement recently confirming the allegations. Reactions to his statement were seen on Twitter.

9. Michael Colgan

Michael Colgan, a theatre director, is under investigation after inviting five of his employees to a dinner where he allegedly abused and harassed them physically and verbally. He has since released an apology but many feel it lacks sincerity.


10. #SWDubFintech

Startup Weekend was a weekend full of events that allowed individuals and groups to pitch their start up idea. Future entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to receive critical feedback and immerse themselves in an innovative startup environment.



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