Top 10 Irish Twitter Trends (October 16th – October 22nd 2017)

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The Top 10 Twitter Trends in Ireland from last week (October 16th – October 22nd) are summarised below.



1. #StormBrian

Strong winds and heavy rain were prominent throughout southern and western coastal areas when storm Brian made landfall. Storm Brian was not expected to be catastrophic but still managed to incur extensive damage in some areas already weakened by Ophelia.


2. #StLukes17

The St. Luke’s Symposium took place 18 – 21 October. The event is held annually in order to celebrate achievements and advancements made in medicine. Coverage of the event can be seen on Twitter.


3. #MeToo

The words “me too” trended on Twitter shining a light on the scale of sexual harassment and assault that some woman have experienced. American actor, Alyssa Milano, posted a tweet encouraging women to share their stories using the simple words and the response has been overwhelming.


4. #Axel

One year after Anthony Foley’s untimely death, RTE released a heartfelt documentary celebrating his life. He was remembered as one of the most well-loved and respected figures in Irish rugby. Reactions to the documentary were shared via Twitter.


5. Ibrahim Halawa

In 2013, Ibrahim Halawa was arrested in Cairo on charges relating to a mass protest in the city. Four years following his imprisonment, he was finally acquitted of his charges and released. Responses to his release covered Twitter following the news.


6. Sean Hughes

The unexpected death of 51-year old Never Mind the Buzzcocks star, Sean Hughes, has left many in shock. The star wrote a poem called Death in 1994 describing details about how he wanted his funeral to be conducted following his death. Family and friends made sure they completed his request.


7. #Imagine2017

The Imagine Festival is an annual event held in Waterford that celebrates arts from all aspects. Pieces featured during the festival are a representation of the best local, national and international artists.


8. Bill Clinton

Former US President Bill Clinton visited Ireland last week to receive an honorary doctorate. University recognised Mr Clinton for his leadership in building and consolidating peace and reconciliation in Ireland. Reactions to his recent visit were shown on Twitter.


9. #TrackerScandal

After news broke of the tracker mortgage scandal last week, people took to Twitter to express their outrage at the behaviour of Irish banks.


10. #Everton

A fan was given a lifetime ban for attempting to punch Lyon goalkeeper, Anthony Lopes during a Europa League match against Everton. People reacted to the altercation on Twitter.



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