Top 10 Irish Twitter Trends (October 9th – October 15th 2017)

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The Top 10 Twitter Trends in Ireland from last week (October 9th – October 15th) are summarised below.



1. #Ophelia

Three people have died and over 300,000 properties have been damaged or left without power in the wake of Hurricane Ophelia. Met Eireann put a Red Warning in place ahead of Ophelia reaching Irish shores on Monday.


2. Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein is under investigation for his recent sexual abuse allegations. As time passes, more and more woman are stepping up and speaking about the interactions they’ve had with Weinstein in the past.


3. #Budget18

Budget 2018 was announced last week with total expenditure for the coming year amounting to more than €60.9 billion. Among budget changes, cigarette prices will increase by 50cent, while alcohol pricing remains untouched.


4. #FOTE2017

Food on the Edge  took place in Galway last week. The event brings together top internationals chefs and food enthusiasts for a two-day food symposium. It aims to challenge our perspective on food as well as how we relate to food. Many attendees tweeted about the event.



5. #8Committee

The Oireachtas abortion committee is composed of 21 people tasked to propose changes to Ireland’s legislation on abortion. The proposed amendment would give equal right to life to the mother as well as the unborn. The ‘Repeal the 8th’ movement as well as its ‘pro-life’ counterparts, are to the fore of societal debate in Ireland.


6. #Zeminar

Zeminar is a social enterprise that introduces young people, specifically Generation Z, to the most innovative organisations in Ireland. The event features workshops, influential speakers and other fun activities.



Since its recent wins over Moldova and Wales, Ireland has risen in the FIFA world rankings. The team are set to play Denmark on November 11th. Fans reacted to the recent win and play-off draw on Twitter.


8. #OpenHouseDublin

Open House Dublin is a festival that invites all citizens to experience outstanding architecture through buildings that are usually inaccessible to the public. The event included free tours provided by expert guides.


9. Pat Gilroy

Pat Gilroy will take on the Dublin senior management job for the next three years. Reactions can be seen on Twitter following his appointment.


10. #LEIvMON

Leinster Rugby’s Champion Cup Campaign began with a match against French giants Montpellier. Despite three of their key players being unable to play, Leinster prevailed. Fans took to Twitter to discuss the game.



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