Top 10 Irish Twitter Trends (September 11th – September 17th 2017)

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The Top 10 Twitter Trends in Ireland from last week (11th September – 17th September 2017) are summarized below.




As Dublin goes on to make history as All Ireland Champions for their third year in a row, the same cannot be said for Mayo.

Mayo’s loss has caused suspicion as people believe an old curse is the reason behind the team failed attempts at the Sam Maguire. Fans weighed in on Twitter.





2. #SFSH17

Once again, Cork Opera House played host to Sounds from a Safe Harbour, a festival of art, music and conversation. The event featured various artists including Bon Iver, Lisa hannigan and Cinema.



3. George Hook

George Hook sparked controversy on his radio show last week due to comments he made on the topic of rape. While some supported his comments, many were offended by them. Hook made an official apology to the public in the aftermath. However, he has since been suspended from Newstalk.



4. #AppleEvent

Anticipation for the new iPhone X continues to escalate since Apple’s Special Event on September 12th. The company also unveiled the iPhone 8, a cheaper model than the X. Apple users struggled to see difbetween the iPhone 7 and 8.


5. #Coffee4Hospice

Bewley’s hosted its Together with Bewley’s event in aid of Hospice care in Ireland. In 2016 over 337,600 cups of coffee were brewed and €1.7 million raised. The event also had the support of some famous Irish faces.



6. #PKNT

If George Hook isn’t enough for you when it comes to unfavourable opinions, add Pat Kenny to your list. The Newstalk colleague stands by Hook and his apology while others seem to be turning away.



7. Junior Cert

Junior Certificate results were released, but the pressure for young people to simultaneously continue to achieve academically, be socially successful, and live up to societal expectations were not.


8. Listowel Races

Originating from Ballyeigh, Ballybunion, the Listowel Races remains one of the most important events in the racing calendar. Fans who were unable to attend could follow the action via Horse Racing Ireland’s Twitter account @GoRacing.





President Jean-Claude Juncker delivered a strong State of the Union address that discussed topics such as migration, digital protection, and climate change. People reacted to his speech online.



10. #RoaldDahl

The beloved British novelist, Roald Dahl, was honoured on his birthday, 13th September. The author has best-sellers featured all over the globe including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, and The BFG.



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