Top Twitter Trends (27th March – 2nd April 2017)

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The Top 10 Twitter Trends in Ireland from last week (27th March – 2nd April 2017) are summarised below.


1. #USI17

The Union of Students in Ireland held the annual USI Congress elections last week in Co. Clare. As “the national representative body for the 354,000 students in third level education” in Ireland, the USI allows the student voice to be heard on topics such as student welfare, equality and education. Michael Kerrigan, the current USI Vice-President for the Border, Midlands and Western Region, was elected President of USI with 96% of the vote. The elections also passed a unanimous, yet controversial, vote for the Irish Language Act in Northern Ireland which was deemed an “equality issue” not a political issue.



After a 25-point victory over Toulouse (final score 41 – 16) on Saturday at Thomond Park, Munster is officially moving on to the rugby Champion’s Cup semi-finals. Leicester also won their match against Wasps securing them a place in the top four teams. This means half the semi-finalists are representing Ireland as they fight for the title. The teams recently found out who they will be playing in the semi-finals in late April. Munster will have to face the previous champions Saracens while Leicester will play Clermont Auvergne the following day.


3. #Brexit, #Gibraltar

British Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50 last week thus putting Brexit into motion. Within the few days following the signing, there is already fear of a war between the UK and Spain over the British territory of Gibraltar. The suggestion of war came from comments made by former conservative leader Lord Howard about defending Gibraltar as the Falklands were defended. Both British and Spanish leaders have denied this suggestion with Theresa May bluntly stating, “It isn’t going to happen.”


4. #Meitheal2017

Meitheal, Ireland’s largest Global Travel Trade Fair, took place last week bringing tourism buyers from over 19 countries to experience all that Ireland has to offer. The buyers were taken on tours throughout Ireland including Dublin, the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland’s Ancient East. After the two-day-glimpse of Ireland’s tourism market and over 200 meetings, Irish businesses hope connections with oversea tourism will be made and an increase in revenue will follow.


5. #JobstownNotGuilty

As trials for the 18 people charged with false imprisonment of former Labour party leader Joan Burton near, the Jobstown Not Guilty protesters are fighting harder than ever for justice. The already controversial protest came under more scrutiny when the Director of Public Prosecutions made a legal request to ban Solidarity TD Paul Murphy and other protesters from attending future protests. Murphy, represented by his lawyer, promised not to speak at any upcoming rallies about his own trial set to begin in late April. Despite the chaos, there was still a large turn-out for the April 1st protest at Liberty Hall.



6. #OneMinuteMatters

Trócaire, an Irish charity aimed at raising awareness about “the root causes of poverty and inequality”, has started a movement to change the world in one minute. The #OneMinuteMatters campaign that is taking place during Lent, challenges people to submit a video showing their one-minute-matters activity, text a donation to the charity and then share the movement with friends. Videos of one-minute-workouts, makeup tutorials and even dips in the sea have been spreading across social media to show how much can be accomplished in just one minute.


7. #BeingMumAndDad

Former professional footballer Rio Ferdinand’s heartbreaking documentary Being Mum and Dad aired on BBC last week. Ferdinand opened up about his struggle with grief following his wife’s death in 2015. The raw and honest interview not only exposed how it feels to lose a spouse but the enormous responsibility that Ferdinand was faced with to raise their three children alone. Following the airing, fans took to Twitter to praise Ferdinand on how far he has come as a father and to express their sympathies for his loss.


8. #AprilFoolsDay

April Fool’s Day came once again this April 1st, bringing unsuspecting victims to eager pranksters. The national “fake news” day saw many hilarious articles claiming outrageous breaking news stories like a new Luas line set to run straight through Trinity College campus. Of course, the stories and videos fooled many people who proceeded to share the pranks across social media so everybody could have a laugh.


9. Shane Ross

Minister for Transport, Shane Ross, has found himself amidst heavy scrutiny as the Bus Éireann strike shows no sign of stopping. 2,600 Bus Éireann employees continue to strike in an attempt to minimize cutbacks. Ross claims it is not his place to intervene in the strike. CEO of Ryanair Michael O’Leary praised Ross for the statement, agreeing that he is making the right decision. Sinn Féin deputy leader Mary Lou MacDonald feels differently, accusing Ross of “sabotaging the transport network.”


10. Ronald Koeman

Manager of Everton football team, Ronald Koeman, has recently caused skepticism over his investment in the team. After losing 3 – 1 to Liverpool this past weekend, fans are questioning his strategies in advancing the team. Koeman admitted Everton under-performed in the game; however, he was optimistic about the rest of the season. Former footballer Ronnie Whelan said, “To me, Everton was never a final destination for him” and questions whether or not Koeman will be back next season.


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