Top Twitter Trends (6th – 12th February 2017)

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The Top 10 Twitter Trends in Ireland from last week (30th January- 5th February 2017) are summarised below.


1. #MauriceMcCabe, #GardaCommissioner

It has been a week of political turmoil since revelations of an alleged smear campaign against Sergeant Maurice McCabe. It emerged that false allegations of sexual abuse by Maurice McCabe came about due to a ‘clerical error.’
A Commission of Investigation was set up on 7th February and this began calls from political leaders for Garda Commissioner, Noirin O’Sullivan, to stand aside for its duration. A Prime Time broadcast on 9th February unveiled details of the scandal and sparked further questions on ‘who knew what’ among political leaders and members of government institutions.
Srgt McCabe and his family, with the support of political leaders, have called for a tribunal of inquiry to be held in public.


2. #FiftyShadesDarker

Fifty Shades Darker made its debut in Ireland on February 10th, drawing drawing fans, mainly women, to the theatre to see the second Fifty Shades of Grey film. The fans took to Twitter to post photos of popcorn, sweets and selfies in anticipation for their viewing. As the successful opening weekend came to an end, many were leaving the theater already eager to see it a second and third time.


3. #ValentinesDay

Love is in the air as many couples celebrated Valentine’s Day this past weekend. Twitter was flooded with tweets of beautiful bouquets, boxes of chocolate and romantic getaways.


4. OperationTransformation

Television program Operation Transformation has been on a mission to make Ireland healthier through promoting exercise and clean eating. This year the show teamed up with  Active School Flag, an organization that promotes physical activity and education in primary schools. On February 10th schools across Ireland tweeted videos of students participating in the 10@10 event proving that fitness can be both beneficial and fun.


5. #AmChamHackers

The American Chamber of Commerce Ireland hosted its first Future Leaders’ Hackathon from February 8th to 11th. This is a competition of innovation with a special focus on making Ireland the ideal place to live. Teams of eight worked tirelessly to win the Innovation Challenge Overall Winners title and the chance to pitch their idea to the Board of Directors of the American Chamber. In the end, LiveWorkPlayIreland, a group aimed at aiding emigrants return to Ireland, took the award with pride.


6. #GoggleBoxIRL

The second season of Gogglebox Ireland premiered February 8th. Twitter was buzzing with fans live-tweeting the episode and reposting the most outrageous one-liners. With the success of the first episode and the introduction of a new family to the show, the rest of the season is sure to draw in a large crowd.


7. #ChainedToTheRhythm

Katy Perry performed her new song “Chained to the Rhythm” at the 2017 Grammy Awards on February 12th. Wearing an armband that read “Persist” and ending the performance in front of a U.S Constitution backdrop, Perry’s performance was about more than just the song. The song itself has been very successful gaining over 16 million views on YouTube and reaching #5 on Ireland iTunes Top 40 Songs.



It was an eventful weekend for Dublin football after a tense draw with Tyrone furthered the Dub’s 31-game winning streak. Dublin, Tyrone and Monaghan are tied for first in the Allianz League Division 1 as the third week of the tournament begins. Fans are looking forward to see if the powerhouse team will continue to dominate.


9. Noelle Feeney

Cork City FC is mourning the death of Noelle Feeney. Nicknamed “Mother Goose,” Feeney was a fan, fundraiser and friend to the Cork team. Feeney was often seen wearing her #12 jersey with her signature bottle of holy water in hand to give the players luck. Cork City FC had a moment of silence on behalf of their biggest fan.


10. #6Nations2017, #ITAvIRE, #Rome

Ireland took their first win of the Six Nations over Italy. After their surprising loss to Scotland last week, Ireland proved they are worthy of the title scoring two hat-tricks and winning 63-10. Fans were excited to see their team come back stronger than ever.


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