Top Twitter Trends (July 10th – July 16th 2017)

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The Top 10 Twitter Trends in Ireland from last week (10th July – 16th July 2017) are summarized below.


1. #BastilleDay

People all over Ireland joined together for Bastille Day celebrations on Friday. The French Embassy of Ireland held events throughout Dublin for locals to enjoy.


2. Kimmage

A three-year-old child was stabbed to death in Kimmage last Monday morning, leaving those who knew him shocked and saddened. His mother, who had wounds, was taken to the hospital and later charged with the murder of her son.


3. Vincent Browne

TV3 host Vincent Browne announced his retirement from television and it left his fans feeling nostalgic. The station hasn’t discussed his replacement yet, but whoever they decide on will have big shoes to fill.


4. #FilmFleadh

The 29th Galway Film Fleadh took place last week. The annual celebration of domestic films ended on a high note for director Frank Berry with a win for his feature Michael Inside. The excitement surrounding the newly released films spread on Twitter.


5. Leo Sherlock

Founder of, Leo Sherlock, posted a public apology to CCC Nuacht and Independent Newspapers Ltd. For illegal reproduction of their images. The apology was published in text so light it was hardly readable, leaving the companies contemplating if the statement is genuine or not. People weighed in with their opinions on Twitter.


6. #Longitude2017 & Stormzy

Artists such as The Weeknd and Stormzy entertained the large crowds of young people who attended Longitude Festival this week. Being one of the largest music festivals in Dublin, it got extremely crowded very quickly, but the festival apologised later on via social media.


7. #UFCGlasgow

UFC’s fight night this Sunday featured Nelson and Ponzinibbo heading off in Glasgow. Ponzinibbo won with a first round knockout.


8. #TeenChoice

Teens tweeted their nominees for the 2017 Teen Choice Awards taking place in August. Voting via Twitter closes on the 19th of July.


9. Floyd & #MayweatherMcGregor

Floyd Mayweather entertained everyone on Twitter last week when he wore elevated shoes at his press conference with Conor McGregor. However that was only a highlight of the intense conference that got people excited for their upcoming face-off in August.


10. #CopOnComrades

Commentary about the #CopOnComrades debate circulated on Twitter this week. Frankie Gaffney, author of the article denouncing identity politics, spoke on a podcast about it. Also this week, a woman wrote a blog post explaining her reasons for being against it, sparking the debate further.


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