Top Twitter Trends (June 19th – 25th 2017)

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The Top 10 Twitter Trends in Ireland from last week (5th June – 11th June 2017) are summarized below.


 1. #Pride2017

Rainbows filled the city of Dublin this Saturday for the 2017 Pride Parade. As the pinnacle of June’s celebration of LGBTQ rights, the parade took over the city and conversations online. People shared their stories, pictures and thoughts on the powerful topic.


 2. #RoyalAscot

Royal Ascot 2017 created quite a splash on social media this past weekend. Among the highlights, Big Orange won the Gold Cup ridden by jockey James Doyle in day three of the races. From the horses to the fashion; the event was a hit.


 3. Justin Bieber & #PurposeTourDublin

Justin Beiber came to perform in Dublin this weekend causing fans to freak out on Twitter. Not only did he sing, he bonded with locals as well.


 4. Brussels

The city of Brussels trended last week due to an attempted terrorist act that took place just days before the city hosted the annual European Union Summit. The incident took place at Brussels Central Station when an ISIS sympathiser attempted to detonate a bomb. Fortunately, the device was faulty and so there were no casualties. Soldiers were on high alert in the following days as the EU Summit got underway. News poured in about the meeting as it happened and people took to Twitter to share their opinions.


 5. #HeatWave

This past week has left Ireland sweating, tanned and thirsty. The hottest day of the year so far was Wednesday; reaching 28 degrees. Not only that, but apparently it’s been 40 years since a heat wave like this has occurred in June. People just did not know how to react to this kind of weather.


 6. Japan

Ireland played Japan in rugby this Saturday and the game did not disappoint. Fans tuned in on Twitter for match play-by-plays. Ireland’s win was clear-cut with a final score of 35 to 13.


 7. #TwistOrStick

This hashtag trended in honour of the annual performing arts conference held in Cork this past week. Performing arts professionals from all over Ireland attended the conference to discuss the ever-changing landscape of theatre in today’s world. ‘Twist or Stick’ a.k.a. ‘change or remain the same’, was the theme of the discussions.


 8. Daniel Day-Lewis

Irish film star, Daniel Day-Lewis announced last week that he is retiring from acting for good. The news left Ireland sad, yet nostalgic about his many award-winning performances. Last time he announced his retirement he ended up being lured back to star in Gangs of New York, but there is a good chance this is his final goodbye.


 9. Garda Commissioner

Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan made headlines yet again regarding recent investigations involving financial irregularities under her supervision. People shared their thoughts on Twitter on whether they wish her to continue or not.


 10. #NZLvBIL

The Lions played the All Blacks on Saturday leaving Irish fans unhappy with a final score of 1-0 New Zealand. Lions’ fans tweeted, upset at the referee’s leniency with New Zealand during the match.


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