Top Twitter Trends (June 3rd-June 9th)


What’s trending on Twitter this week in Ireland?

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This week several topics are trending on Twitter in Ireland. These include:


33,307 Irish Tweets (of 1,524,057 globally)

Twitter has been buzzing about the reality TV show Love Island. Episodes air Sundays to Fridays at 9pm. Each episode brings fresh commentary as viewers take to Twitter to discuss the show’s contestants.


Trump and Doonbeg

37,377 Irish Tweets

US President Trump visited Ireland last week, specifically his Trump International Golf Links Resort in Doonbeg, county Clare. Twitter users were intrigued by the visit, and the President’s meeting with local school children got people talking.



5,047 Irish Tweets

Fans took to Twitter to show their support for the Ireland’s men’s soccer team in its match against Denmark last week. The national side has faced Denmark four times in the last 18 months.



2,779 Irish Tweets 

The Leaving Certification Exams began on June 5th and will continue until June 25th. The Minister for Education and Skills, Joe McHugh, has recently decided that students who suffer a bereavement during exam season will be given a chance to sit the exams in July. Students took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the exam.


1,982 Irish Tweets 

Ireland’s largest maritime festival SeaFest was held June 7th-9th at Cork City Quays. The festival celebrates Ireland’s maritime heritage and is a weekend of fun that can be enjoyed with family and friends. The event included seafood fair, exhibitions, and family entertainment. Attendees of the event took to Twitter to share their experiences.



2,173 Irish Tweets 

Mojofest is the festival of smartphone content creators. The event was held June 6th-8th and had a line-up of many speakers who have all influenced content for smartphones and social media. MojoFest is “always pushing boundaries for new and innovative ways to create content. Attendees took to Twitter to share their experiences.”


1,063 Irish Tweets

Rockall is a granite islet which is situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. This location has caused dispute over proximity and who has the right to fishing grounds between the UK, Ireland, and the Faroes. People took to Twitter to share their opinions.


Shane Ross

3,341 Irish Tweets

Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Shane Ross made headline last week after he attended the homecoming of world champion Katie Taylor at Dublin Airport last week. Twitter users noticed the minister’s efforts for a photo op amid the media’s attention to Taylor.



1,528 Irish Tweets (of 236,782 globally)

World Oceans Day is a global celebration of our oceans, it takes place every year on June 8th. This day is not only to celebrate our oceans, but to remind everyone how they play a major role in our lives. World Oceans Day is also a reminder on how important it is to keep our oceans clean. The goal between the partnership with the EU, US, and Canada is to preserve a healthy and clean Atlantic Ocean. People all over the world took to Twitter to celebrate and raise awareness.


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