Twitter Top 10 Trends Ireland: 11/04/16-17/04/16

Nicole Taylor is a Junior at Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts. She is currently interning with Olytico as part of the CAPA study abroad programme.

Each week Olytico tracks the trending topics on Twitter in Ireland and across the globe. Here’s the Top 10 Trends in Ireland from the week ending April 17th 2016.

1. #loveSMEs

On Saturday,  April 16th, the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) awards ceremony was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cork. The SME’s recognise small to medium sized businesses and enterprises for outstanding work in a variety of areas such as new products and services, retail, company transformation, etc. Some of the winners this year include: Keogh’s Crisps (Company Transformation Award), Bru Brewery (New Product/Service Award), and The Irish Biltong Company (Family Run Business Award).

Last year, Olytico was recognised at the SME’s winning an award for New Product/Service.

2. #wwfof16

On the weekend of April 15th, the 9th annual West Waterford Food Festival took place in Dungarvan. The theme this year surrounded the evolving faces in Irish food and trends set to dominate the culinary world for the next year.

On Friday, Peter Mulryan of Blackwater Distillery held a workshop where students spent the day distilling a special festival gin which was delivered to Dungarvan in the evening. Also, the Health Hub, a new venue dedicated to talks and demos on the latest food trends hosted by Blasta Wholefoods was introduced as a new addition to the festival.

“Since 2008 the festival has grown to be one of the premier food festivals in the country, where foodies, foragers, farmers and families can explore the region, learn of its rich food heritage, get hands on learning from producers, chefs and growers, have amazing dining experiences and above all have a weekend of fun in West Waterford.” (

3. Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry, actor and broadcaster, apologised for remarks he made during his interview on US talk show The Rubin Report. His comments appeared to suggest survivors of sexual abuse should “grow up”.

Fry, who is also president of the UK mental health charity called Mind, said in his apology, “There are few experiences more terrible, traumatic and horrifying than rape and abuse and if I gave the impression that I belittled those crimes and the effects they have on their victims then I am so, so sorry. It seems I must have utterly failed to get across what I was actually trying to say and instead offended and upset people who didn’t deserve to be offended or upset.” (irishtimes)

4. #FIDay

Last year, “In support of Independent fashion retailers nationwide, two of Ireland’s leading fashion crusaders, Brendan Courtney and Sonya Lennon launched ‘frockadvisor’, a dedicated social platform (or app) for fashion fans and fashion businesses, connecting users to the fashion community and creating dialogue between them and their favourite stores.  In celebration of the frockadvisor launch, the duo behind fashion label Lennon Courtney declared Thursday, May 22nd ‘Fashion Independent’s Day.'” (

This year, Fashion Independent’s Day will take place on April 21st. On Fashion Independent’s Day, people are encouraged to go to their favourite local businesses and boutiques to engage in fashion knowledge, meet the owners, and see what offers are taking place.

The app, frockadvisor allows customers to find and follow their favourite fashion friends and boutiques for style inspiration, browsing and shopping.

5. #EntExp24

On April 15th and 16th, the sixth Entrepreneur Experience took place in Ballymaloe, Shanagarry, Co. Cork. The Entrepreneur Experience is a “unique opportunity for emerging Entrepreneurs to gain unparalleled access, advice and mentoring from some of Ireland’s most successful business leaders. The 24 hour experience includes networking, workshops and presentations.” (

Entrepreneurs have come from across the globe to take part: UK, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Chile, Rwanda, the US and all over Ireland.

Seasoned Entrepreneurs who have assisted in the lead up to and at the event include: Jim Breen (PulseLearning), Pete Smyth (Broadlake), Jim Barry (Barry Group), Declan Fox (OmniVend), and Ger O’Mahony (ActionPoint & Voxpro).

6. #5SOSZooCrew

Beginning on April 12th, SPIN South West released a competition on Twitter for a chance to win meet and greet tickets with 5 Seconds of Summer on SPIN 1038’s radio show The Zoo Crew.

The hashtag trended on Twitter in Ireland as fans tweeted in hopes of winning the tickets.

7. #LittleMixHair

On Friday, April 15th, Little Mix released their latest worldwide single called ‘Hair’. The song is a remix of the original version that was released at the lead up to the Get Weird Tour in August. “The track, a breakup anthem that encourages the listener to take their post-split destiny into their own hands, is a straight-up banger on its own; with a verse from Sean Paul, it’s an early contender for song of the summer.” (

8. Coachella

The Coachella fest kicked off on April 15th and will continue until April 24th. Every year, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival takes place at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. There are six different stages: Coachella stage, Outdoor theater, Gobi, Mojave, Sahara, and Yuma. A few big performers for day one were Ellie Goulding and G-Eazy. Saturday’s big performers were Guns N’ Roses, Ice Cube, Zedd and Halsey. On Sunday,  Calvin Harris and Sia, played back to back on the Coachella Stage as the last two of the weekend.

Coachella trended on Twitter in Ireland as fans wished they could have attended the festival while some did attend.

9. #DolanTwinsOnTour

The Dolan twins, Ethan and Grayson Dolan, have taken over YouTube and have become quite popular on social media. The boys, age 16, video anything and everything to provide humour and entertainment to YouTube and Vine. AwesomenessTV, a YouTube multi-channel network, founded by Brian Robbins in 2012, signed the Dolan Twins to their channel in September 2015. “So far this has meant more exposure for the digital celebrities, who already boast over 5.6 million combined followers across all of their social media accounts.” (hollywoodlife)

Fans have waited for months to find out if the Dolan twins were going on tour and on April 12th it was announced that they are. The Dolan twins, who attended Coachella, have created a website called which allows people to demand a show. By voting for a city or country, fans dictate where the twins will tour this year.

10. #DarkSouls3

On April 12th, video game Dark Souls 3 was released for PC’s, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

“If you’re a Dark Souls fan, you know the drill. Kill enemies, collect souls, level up, and take on and vanquish bosses. Oh, and die a lot, of course. Dark Souls 3 looks set to throw even more at players with more on-screen than ever before, as well as some interesting changes to multiplayer and world invasions. Expect to spend a lot of time engrossed in Dark Souls 3’s world.” (

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