Web Summit 2014: What we talked about on Twitter

For the past three days, Dublin has played host to over 22,000 attendees at the 2014 Web Summit. The main hashtag for the event #websummit trended on Twitter repeatedly this week – little surprise given that it appeared in over 113,000 tweets during the 72 hours.

At Olytico, we monitored and analysed Twitter content published during the three days of the Web Summit to identify the themes and topics that got people talking online.

In addition to the main hashtag, we also tracked other terms and phrases unique to the event, including the official Twitter handle (@WebSummitHQ) and the phrase ‘Web Summit’.

Key Numbers:

Over 148,000 tweets published

Over 40,000 unique authors

Tweets per minute peaked between 11am and 2pm on Tuesday (coinciding with Eva Longoria’s Main Stage and Food Stage appearances).



Word Cloud

The word cloud below represents the Top 100 most frequently used words in the 148,000 tweets analysed (the larger the word the greater number of mentions).


Web Summit Twitter Word Cloud


Eva Longoria was the most-mentioned speaker at the Summit – appearing in over 3,000 tweets. Bono appears in the word cloud, with over 2,600 mentions. Web summit founder Paddy Cosgrave also makes the Top 100 with over 3,000 mentions. Other speakers who drove high levels of conversation included Brendan Iribe (1,300), Peter Thiel (1,200) and Tony Hawk (880).


In addition to the 22,000 attendees, people tuning into the Livestream also got involved in the discussion – with ‘stream’, ‘streaming’ and ‘livestream’ appearing in over 2,000 tweets.


Oculus Rift was the most talked about technology – with the terms ‘Oculus’ and ‘Oculus Rfit’ appearing in over 3,500 tweets. ‘VR’ (Virtual Reality) also makes it into the Top 100.


Codacy – winners of the Beta Award in the Web Summit pitch competition – feature in the word cloud with over 2,700 mentions, and also helped to put their home city of Lisbon on the map, with the city appearing in over 2,000 tweets (the only non-Irish location to make the Top 100).

Night vs Day

Although conversations online peaked each day during the morning and afternoon, the Night Summit featured in over 2,500 tweets, together with ‘bar’ (1,000+) and ‘pub’ (860+). Parties were also popular, with over 2,400 tweets sent including ‘party’ or ‘parties’.

Food and Drinks

Coffee (1,040) was talked about more often than Beer (430), Pints (180) and Whiskey (66). Guinness (805) and Jameson (250) were amongst the most-talked about drinks brands. Wednesday and Thursday morning also saw spikes in tweets mentioning Hangover and Hungover’ (130)

Food was also key with ‘Food’ (2,100), FoodSummit (1,140) and GoodFoodIreland (1,335) all featuring prominently.

Investing and pitching

A major attraction of the Web Summit for Start Up’s is the access to investors it offers. It was little surprise therefore to see terms such as Invest, Investment, Investor and Investing combining to feature in over 1,100 tweets. As well as the the more formal route, there were moments of opportunistic pitching too:

Travel and Transport

Audi, as official car partner to the Summit, made the Top 100 terms with over 1,500 mentions. Taxis were a popular method of transport for visitors to Dublin, with Hailo (300) and Uber (290) both featuring in the conversation. However, it was the banter of Dublin Taxi drivers that provided some of the most entertaining tweets of the week :


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