Why Olytico

Big data is nothing if you can’t use it. Our insights will help you make well-informed decisions and deliver results.

Social Media Listening

Manage and engage in live conversations, through one clear and simple dashboard.

  • View live conversations about your company, products and services via social media channels, forums and more
  • Share, save, discuss and delegate as you go
  • Intuitively simple live-listening tool
  • No limits on keywords, results or users added
  • Focus on actionable insights – setup of management of searches included.

Retrospective Reports

Quickly spot trends with easy-to-follow brand analysis and social media reports.

  • Relevant data analysed and categorised by a dedicated expert
  • Vital insights on the most important conversations
  • Identification of trends and key influencers
  • Data easily integrated with your own reporting systems

Social Wall

Create more of a buzz with our live Social Wall.

  • Ideal focal point in your reception area
  • Perfect for one-off events
  • Generate more buzz from your audience
  • Boost hype and engagement with your brand
  • Fully managed and monitored

News Media Monitoring

Review online mentions of companies, events, products, competitors and markets from over 250,000 online sources.

  • Tailored reporting drawn from a global database of publications.
  • Analysis of trends over time, across countries and industries.
  • Content tailored to your organisation – based on company names, events, products, competitors, markets and more.
  • Availability of information dating back 36-months.
  • Reports provided on a daily, weekly, monthly basis or as a one-off snapshot.

Influencer Identification

Spot brand advocates within your social audiences to improve engagement and increase return.

  • Identify and engage with your key influencers and advocates.
  • Improve engagement with current audiences and reach new ones.
  • Broad-based listening to expand your reach even further in your industry or area.
  • Increase return on your social investment through a more targeted strategy.